Monday, May 19, 2008

169. Jolena speaks

Hi Uncles, Aunties, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Grannies, Grandpas and my dear toddler friends,
My name is Jolena. I am the Godchild of the owner of this Blog.Well my uncle is really naughty. He is my momma's younger brother and I call him maamaa. When ever he speaks to me over the phone, all I do is lick the phone and run away. I have only seen him through this blog and through the photos that my momma shows me every now and then. Hope he comes and sees me sometime soon. Well I am here today to talk about myself. I celebrated my first birthday last week ( May 8-2008). In India, it was the 9th of may. So does that mean I have two birthdays? These grown-ups just complicate things. Do you wanna see some of my birthday fotos? I am gonna show you some. Here you go...

That is my anna (Brother) dancing for me. My momma says that my maamaa dances well. But according to me , my anna is the best dancer in the whole world. See his facial expressions, his hand-eye-leg coordination.

Here I am.. Standing and admiring my anna dancing to glory. Even I wanna dance like him. But I just started walking a couple of months back. What if I fall down?

Thats enough anna.. You have danced too much. You might take the limelite away from me if you go on dancing like this. Today is MYYYYYYYY birthday

Sowieeee annaaa. Did I hurt you so much?? Wokey.. Have this kissshh.. Muahhhh...

My anna is a great artist. My maamaa wrote about his artistic skills HERE. If I draw better than my anna, my maamaa would write about me too.

My momma asked me to wear this cap. Now I can't see anything.

Now I am walking like a crab. I always do; the only difference is I do not know where I am heading to...

Wow. Now I have become an expert in walking with my eyes closed. But am I walking in circles?

Well , Let me try my hand in basketball. Momma says, No basket ball in the living room. But today is my birthday and I make the rules at home...

I found this thing while I was crawling. I don't know if I could put it in my mouth.

My dad said that I look like my momma in this snap...

Can you see my ears? They pierced it. Funny people. They make me wear all these stuff. Going back memory lane, I can still remember the day when that uncle pierced my ears. He promised me that It wont hurt. But it was a big fat lie. Infact it hurt me very much and I cried big time.

Wooh. Do I look cool... But why is anna looking different today? Anna!!!! You look like a blue doll.

Mommaa!!!! Anna's face and dress are matching matching.. Even I wanna be like that...

Anna! Why are you laffing like that? Are you making fun of me? Gosh!!! Even your teeth is blue in colour.
Now this is my birthday dress.. My anna's tennis raquet is also seen in this foto...
Anna is also dressing up for the occassion. Btw How is my pose?
One day even I will have more teeth.
Look into my eyes, I say....

I guess I just soiled my diapers....
I am scratching my thumb.. Did you see my bangles?

It is very tuff to walk in this attire. Momma says that it is called "pattu pavadai"
Ok. It was a tiring walk. I am gonna take some rest...

Can I fly like that balloon?

Crawling is better than walking... I am so happy today...
Maamaa! I am starting to speak these days... Momma finds it hard to understand my language... I guess I have to start speaking her language...
Thats all folks...


  1. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! She is TOO cute!!!!
    Loved the one with the blue rockstar glasses.Lol!

  2. haha so darn cute! I wanna HUG her!


  3. so precious... loved the glasses too and the bangles...

  4. @nut
    haha.. yeah bluey goggs..

  5. @keshi
    you can..
    but me first

  6. @bubbles
    i forgot to write abt the anklets and chain.. poor kid...

  7. @nirmal
    like uncle .. like niece... now dont laff i say

  8. chooooooooooooooooooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeett!!!!!!!! Pattu pavadai la romba romba cute aa irukka!!!

  9. @ sam
    ippo she started dancingit seems

  10. whose kids are they? they are so adorable. Must have got the looks from their mother

  11. @dewdrops

    akka! you want me to say it loud and clear?

  12. haha neeths
    yes .. agree with ya... jo is cute

  13. awwwwwwwwwwwww..shes sooo cuteee! mwah to her!

  14. Oooh she is so bubbly and cute!Lucky you to have such a Godchild :)

  15. I liked this write-up... very funny... Jolena wud love to know that her maammaa already wrote about her... :)


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