Being a big fan of MJ, I never allowed anyone to talk ill of my all time favorite singer and dancer. I tried every possible way to imitate my legendish idol for all the wierd reasons. When My friends started cornering him for his allegations regarding Child abuse, I used to defend him with my own statements," MJ never molested any kid. He made love to them".Those days we just laughed it out.But the last two years made me realise that Child abuse is not a joke to laugh at.We never know who is abusing our child. Might be someone we know very well too. I would not bear it if some little kid in my family ends up as the victim. Gone were those days when we loved when someone pampered our child.Its an irky feeling that has creeped in me because I am not in a position to believe anyone around me.

What is child abuse?
1) Verbally abusing child
2) Teasing a child unnecessarily
3) Exposing a child to pornographic acts or literature.
4) Touching a child where he /she does not want to be touched.
5) Forcing a child to touch you.
6) Manipulating a child.
7) Using a child as a servant.
8)Hitting a child.

I would not appreciate anyone doing any such acts on my children.

I came across these two pictures and I just wanted to add them here.

Lets us Stop Child Abuse Now. I enjoyed my childhood days. I still remember those days.Playing with other little kids Fresh in my memories. Are the present day kids safe ?

It shouldn't hurt to be a child...

After all, Every Child is special

- Chronicwriter