Friday, May 16, 2008

166.Anyone can be a model

Reid and Taylor pulled in Amitabh-Big B to be their brand ambassador for their suitings range.
Pierce Brosnan had been endorsing the same range for a while. His association with the brand rhymed well with R&T's tag line, "Bond with the Best". Somehow I get the feeling that Reid and Taylor has a strong bondage with the letter B. These two Bs played a significant role in the good brand performance.
Indian Textile brands have either gone for a Cine-personality or for a Cricket star for promoting their brands.The following pictures says it all.
Salman Khan sporting his Mayur suitings. A very rare picture of him with his dress on.

Akshay is seen here in this picture endorsing Grasim suitings.

Remember the first ads that graced the Indian audience in the early 70s? Pataudi endorsing Gwalior suitings.

Ad agencies failed to realise that Indian audience kept on admiring their favorite stars and were not giving major attention to the message conveyed through the ads. The complete man venture by Raymonds took advertising to a new level in India. Unfamiliar faces started wearing the suitings and were gracing the media and it really made a great impact on the viewers' minds too.These guys were a new breed of models who were camera shy and never looked into the camera. Still Raymonds was successful in conveying the message across to the audience with their wonderful jingle.

Well if little known guys can make a big impact in the world of advertising, Why can't a little guy like me shine in front of the camera? I just travelled a few places and posed all by myself for these three clicks. I hope atleast the local - vest- brand from my home town endorses me for their product.

Now you would have realised that the whole post was written just to post these three pictures of mine in my blog. Cheap mentality right? BTW, I came across this shocking picture of Mallika Sherawat.

This is the first ever time I am seeing her properly dressed. No wonder I am shocked.



  1. now now.. salman khan and mallika sherawat with clothes on??

    thats a sight!

    i love the raymonds ad and what you had to say abt it just made me open my eyes to why raymonds does way better than other suitings!

    i love watching advertisements much more than what they show on tv! :D

  2. @black coffee

    raymonds even had ar rahman sometime back. but they resorted to these stranger-guy mode now...
    keep watching ads and keep hopping here.

  3. ha ha nice post bro...

    and tat pic of mallika will be a shock 4 her 2..ll

  4. told ya na..cos Keshi is a model too. LOL!

    U look good!


  5. ROTFL!!!
    ps:dun forget to put a post when the ad companies call u...

  6. you giving me all kinds of ideas chriss.........your blog is a source of inspiration for my posts:)

  7. oh my god!!! i did a double take - thats mallika sherawat???

  8. I love the AK pic (man ! he's one debonair hunk),

    I like you observant your first pic and I think Malli baby's made a wrong choice...this doesnt suit her atall...eeeeeeh....uske muh ko kya ho gaya hai ! Loox like someone has bashed it frm two lateral sides...

    And since my update does not show on your blog, I just updated.


  9. @nirmal
    welkum to my blog , mate... shock for a shocker.. yeah..

    keshi says that i look good.. i am floored.. somebody gimme water...

  10. @neeths
    yeah wud try to put a post if its a vest brand.. hopefully i wont be romped in for an underwear ad..

    blushing** that was a great compliment. thank you very much

  11. @bubbles
    even i took many takes b4 posting it here... it is indeed mallika sherawat

    i came, i saw and i commented on ur blog... mallika's face has become like that after all the facial expressions she gave in front of the camera.. who told she doesnt know to express?

  12. are u kiddin me! that is so not mallika sherawat!
    she looks weird. her head beacem so big. :O

  13. hey chriz!!! :)
    tatz an awesum way of puttin ya picz on ya post :) nice unz by the way..ya like an rj i know from radio mirchi :)

    yeah'the complete man' took all the women by storm, n yeh, teh ad did SUIT our senses, n helped us ogle at those SUITS :)

    grt to get to see sallu bhai n mallika baby in clothes :)

  14. @busywriter
    haha.. yeah .. even i could not recognize her for i have not seen her face all this while..

  15. @chrissy girl
    haha.. i waited so long to post my pictures btw.. sallu bhai went to jail and poor suiting guys had to romp in sehwag after that... Raymonds have come up with various other simple strategies too , thanks to their ad firm BBDO-RK SWAMY

  16. u got some time in ur schedule!!! how dya do it??

  17. Good one! Getting tired of seeing Amitabh ads tho, he is endorsing everything wont be surprised if he starts Gopal pal podi next.


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