Wednesday, May 14, 2008

164. Laughter- The Truth Uncovered

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A cheap venture of mine to invite more page hits...
Trivia: My ex-girl firend is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. So I am gonna wish her. What the heck??? After all she was my girl friend once.. So here I go... Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit...


  1. urrrrrrg I got frightened by that face! No laffin matter LOL!


  2. Madhuri was ur ex? hmmmm so u like older women? LOL!


  3. @keshi
    age doesnt matter..
    doesnt know if madhuri knows that she is my ex girlfriend

  4. My brother and me were up till 5 in the morning last saturday night reading your blog, and laughing our lungs out.

    You have a fabulous way with words, and an awesome sense of humor.


    (and on btw, was this pic supposed to be funny ?! )

    it scared me :O

  5. so far the biggest and the best compliment I have ever got.. you made my day.. infact my whole week..

  6. of course yes.........but in a rather appealing way:)

    btw, you gotto treat me chriss since am the first person to comment for a majority of your blogs:))

  7. definitely may!!!
    will dedicate a post for all my blogmates soon.. your name will be there on top...

  8. @cindrella
    the picture was funny for me... i dint see from a closer angle though

  9. Good god!
    Who.. no.. What is THAT????

  10. madhuri dixit ?!
    well, not bad choice at all...
    mine is better i guess.. Liv Tyler

    hee hee

  11. tat was funny in a scary way!

    madhuri's b'day tomo? yippee!!
    love her too, n yeh i'm straight!:)

    way to go! keep them cumin in man!

  12. @cindrella
    lifetime of memories to cherish in one week...

    good? why god? yes? me!!!

    @madhuri dixit
    yeah! love her dance movements...
    tyler.. mmmphh.. following whose footsteps?

    yup... this blog is my verbo puking site..

  13. ok... the face was freaky... but yes, my wishes to your ex gf as well... :)

  14. ooo..lovely smile....shud inform the close-up company in case they run out of models for the ad..:P

  15. lol, i always find celebrity crushes funny! :D


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