8 PM happens to be one of my first blog mates. I just love the way he writes. It is just plain simple and I can easily relate to most of his posts. He wanted me to take up this tag. And here I go. This tag is about 8 things on few subjects that I always love to do.

Eight things I am passionate about:

1. Babies 2. Advertisments 3. Blogging ( Writing ofcourse) 4. Lying on my back and admiring the stars and listening to music 5. Laughing and cracking jokes. 6. Dancing till my feet hurts. 7. Long drives 8. Litchies

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1. Find a girlfriend and get married 2. Shooting my own ad film 3. Learn Swimming 4. Become a renowned author. 5.Live without my mobile phone for one week 6. Build my dream house 7. Complete my Ph.D in advertsing 8. See my kids reading my blogs

Eight things I say often:

1. Maaa ( Thats how i address the girls) 2. Maams ( Close guys hear this often) 3. Kutta (To my best bud) 4. Oh Puleeese(When I am irritated) 5. Shaddddaaaap (When I am really irritated) 6. Wokey (Yes) 7. Sure Baby ( OK) 8.Clean your mouth with soap water ( When someone uses foul language)

Eight books I have read recently:

1. Bible 2. Readers Digest 3.Renu ( I am still editing it) 4. C and H (My all time fav) 5. Collection of wits 6. Thats all 7. Oh Puleeese 8. Shaddddaaaap

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

1. Hands of the potter - Caedmons 2. Thank you Lord - Paul Baloche 3. I surrender all - Parachute band 4. Mary did you know - Mark Lowry 5. In the sky - Mark Knopfler 6. God is Good - Don Moen 7. Born in Bethlehem - My own Comp 8. Dhevan Thandhar ( Michtam- Our family album)

This Tag was simple. But I just loved taking it. Now I tag everyone who read this.

For fresh bloggers who don't have any idea about tagging

Just Copy and paste the same questions, but with your own answers. I will come to your blogs to read it. So do take the tag soon.