Monday, May 05, 2008

155. Namrata

The early days:

It all started in the first week of January, 2006. A simple scrap in a social networking site "orkut", took us a long way. Her name was Namrata. She was doing her final year English literature in a very well known college. I was doing my final year MBA then.After our first scrap, it took two whole long days for us to exchange our phone numbers. The messaging spree started and it lasted for hours into the night. The texting transformed into calls and soon we spent the nights talking with each other on the phone.

Days and Nights flew by at a rapid pace and soon the romantic month of February dawned. This was the month that both of us were waiting for. With Love in our hearts we could not hide it any more. We never went on a date. I haven't even seen her. All I saw in her orkut album was pictures of cats, puppies and butterflies. Sometimes even those pictures revealed her beauties worth in the truest of feminine forms. On 12th night while we were on the phone, she tossed the question... " Chrissy! Why don't you take me for a date"... I was waiting for this moment for a long time. Immediately I blurted out," Hunney! Day after is there for people like us"... She giggled.She never asked me, What I had in store for her. I was the happiest creature on earth... I slept that night with the cutest ever smile I ever had till date.

Thirteenth of february was one day that my mirror would never forget me. If only it had eyes , it would have cried like a river, for I spent the whole day in front of the mirror admiring my six packs of bone impressed skin on my body. Wow! I looked like Bruce Lee indeed...

February 14, 2006.
It was a cold rainy day. The perfect setting for a romantic outing on a romantic day. I was waiting for such a moment for one whole month. The plan was very simple. I would wait for Namrata in Barista," A popular Coffee hive in Cochin"... I was supposed to play three romantic songs for her... ( Barista has a guitar)

1) Nothing's gonna change my love for you
2) Annie's song
3) Lady in red ( cos I asked her to come in a red frock)

I practised these three songs that night before and I knew that I would floor her with my songs.
After the romantic cuppa coffee, we were supposed to walk hand in hand along the sea shore, where I actually wanted to propose her...

I was dreaming about this sequence when she finally made her entry into the coffee shop. She was a drop dead gorgeous babe and my jaws just opened bigger and bigger... She smiled at me and came near me and pointed her fingers at me and asked," Are you Chriz" ( She had already seen me in photos)... I just moved my head up and down. She came closer and gave me a warm bear hug and gently pecked on my cheeks and whispered into my ears," Nice meeting you"...
I was floating in mid air. My cheeks became red and I can still feel the warmth that her lips had created on my cheeks...

She held my hand and led me to the couch. I followed her like a sheep. She sat opposite to me and looked at me with love in her eyes. I could not wait any longer. I wanted to propose her right away. But the gentleman within me brought me back to my senses and finally I spoke my first lines," Namy! Shall I play some songs for you"... She went aahhhhhhhh in excitement... I got up from the seat and went to the counter and asked the guy to hand over the guitar to me. He handed it to me and I was at my romantic best. I walked like a true champion and came back to my seat. Like every musician, I wanted to tune the guitar before I started with my performance. The moment I touched one string, It went oinkkkkkk and before I could react, I realised that I actually broke one string in the guitar. Namrata took a picture of me that very same moment.

The guy behind the counter gave me a dirty stare. The saliva that oozed in my throat freezed and immediately I had a throat block. I tried my level best to sing, but only pure air came out of my vocal chords... Namrata gave a smirky yukky stare as if she was seeing a dirty pig.The guy behind the counter rushed to the scene, pulled the guitar from my grasp and took it back to the stand...

The beach walk never happened. The duplicate steel ring that I bought for proposing her never got its opportunity to slide in her finger.Namrata did not reply to my messages that night. The next day when I tried calling her up, her mother picked up the phone and said some nice things. I never called her again... I realised that Renu was and is the best I ever had...

BTW , a pciture of Renu will be soon uploaded in my blog...



  1. nice pic of ya Chriz :)

    Renu is my cuz ya know! ;-)


  2. more addition to the count of lies??
    how do you create and yarn it btw?

  3. epdi kooda kadha vidalaamaa....
    anyway nice post chriz.

  4. Aww! Dunno if this is fact or fiction.. but enjoyed reading this nonetheless.

  5. Ha Ha... Fabulous lies dude...

  6. @keshi
    the story is woven from the picture

    yea the lie factory spins again

    hehe.. vudalaamunu ninaikurein..

  7. @macadamia
    its pure fiction. thank you for coming down to my blog.

  8. @cm-chap
    hehe.. thank you thank you

  9. ahh good ol renu...she never lets u move on does she? ;)

    this was a fun read..but couldent enjoy it much because i HATEEE a person by that name 'namrata' :-/

  10. is that u in the pic btw??

    ohh and if this story was fiction, i HATE you for choosing the name namrata :-/

    or why couldent u imagine her to be a 100kg balding female in her late 60's ...that wud be fun!
    i dont like the image u created with that name...hmpf!!

    P.S: namrata was my class 6 buddy who played foul once during a junior basketball match thanks to which i had to get 5 sutures on my shin...argggghhhh!!

  11. @pri
    haha .. yeah thatw as me.. and for namrata! y dont u write a post abt her.. the incident seems interesting... soweieeee

  12. hey...itz a nice blog!!
    gud job ...
    best of luck wit all ur endeavourz..
    god bles ya

  13. cools.. this time everyone figured it... the baby bite fib is my fav one though!!!!


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