Friday, May 02, 2008

153. The change

This week , I am in Chennai. It is indeed rocking hot.The two pimples on my nose stand a real testimony to the heat.I noticed a lot of changes in the Chennai Lifestyle.People are riding bikes with helmets on their head. The auto-rick drivers did not take me for a ride. Indeed Chennai is Changing.
Even Chronicwriter is changing. After being in the I.T world for two complete years, I am finally making my move. The ad world is pulling me like a magnet. Even If I could not find a pug dog as a brand ambassador, I will atleast find Chennai's very own country dog and promote the brand.
But before that, I need to get a brand to promote. Hope I do not become a victim in endorsing illegal brands through surrogate ads.In the forthcoming years, I would surely tag- in Mandira Bedi for the forth coming circket world cup. The Indians have a tendency to play well when she is around.

I could not digest the fact that IPL did not even give her a team.Do not worry Mandira!!! We will surely form a team. Apparently Mandira doesn't know the difference between the On-side and the offside. But who cares?If Yuvi can Hug Priti even after his team's loss, then I know Mandira also needs a tender, Innocent, loving soul to console her.
All the fumes in the reader's ears an nose can stop now, cos am stopping here. Would come up with a meaningful post soon. But when did I ever write a meaningful post?
This is a Funny Blog... Funny Blog... Funny blog...



  1. u stil alive h?been some tyme...

  2. hehe.........kewl.....mandira...

  3. @mazhalai
    what was the answer?

    yes very much.. a hunt going on though

    long time


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