Monday, April 21, 2008

149. The new Chronicwriter

Chronicwriter has decided that he is gonna make a name for himself in the ad-world.
My blog will have two more topics in the near future.
1) Ad-Blunders
Chronicwriter would act as an expert critic and expose the loopholes in award winning ads.
2) Radio Marketing
Chronicwriter would be writing on new marketing ideas for FM Radio firms in India
The Lie factory
But the eternal nutty-lie factory will run in full flow as always...



  1. area of interest!

  2. H! Dude ...
    Finally i managed to put something in ma blog' check it out ;)

  3. Thats fine... Expecting some interstin, humourzzzz n informative stuff in your 150th post. Take time... Go on... Congrats in adv.


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