Friday, April 18, 2008

148. White petticoat

After exactly one year in slumber, Tech-a-break is back.

Tech -a-break is a cultural competition for the firms in Technopark, Trivandrum.The fest starts with a carnival-rally and followed by many events that range from dance to mime to skit to musical events.This post is regarding the carnival-rally competition that kicks off the one week mega event.

The theme for this years' carnival is " Halloween". I will ofcourse take part in the rally and represent my team. It was an easy option for me as I do not have to don any additional make-up for the rally.The carnival memories take me back by one year. Last years' theme was "Fairy tales". I was a part of last years' rally too.When my colleagues asked me to be the prince for cindrella, I was overjoyed. I ran as fast as my little foot could carry me and finally when I reached the dressing room, I found out that I was bit too late and the prince's role has already been taken. Finally they gave me a petticoat and made me the Vedhal (a little devil). The petticoat was really dirty and transparent too.You can click this snap and sympathise with me.

The lady in black is the HR manager of my firm. She was snow white's witchy step mother. Then the big ear fellow is another HR executive. He was a rat. The big guy in black was the dracula. His makeup was not yet done when the snap was clicked. Next to him is Vikram, the king and on the extreme right you can see me in the white petticoat



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