Tuesday, April 15, 2008

147. Another year goes by

If not for Mayflower, I would not be writing this post.I was caught up with work (Heavy work) and hence did not check my blogpage for a while.BTW, I got older this past week.30 seems very closer.My blog page will have an additional post every week. It is about the world of advertising.

I just got a call and the person on the line was some Sachin.He asked me if I could run, Instead of him in some torch relay that is gonna happen the day after in Delhi.As I was typing this post, I told him to call me later. His second name was some Tendulkar or something.Any idea why he wants me to run?


  1. As part of security ?
    ha ha

  2. hahaaa you are certainly over worked..chill !

    Belated wishes for a longggggggggggg life :)

  3. thanku thanku....btw, belated happy birthday!
    how did you celebrate?
    now, where did 10dulkar come into picture????;)

    busy..yes understood but try and keep the posts coming very often! do keep ur lie factory in action plzz.....:)

  4. Is the so called mr tendulkar injured(again) or its a birthday present for u?

  5. hey,happy bbday!
    xam nt ovr...gt bored,smuggled my lapppy bak to my room;)

  6. Ha Ha.. May be they r lookg for criminals to run n torch relay instead of sports persons. Since this Olympics is hosted in a nation of that kind.

  7. Starving dogs in Delhi, looking for some good bones. Heard this Sachin is working for the Blue Cross. ; )

  8. @menchi
    thank you.. belated thankyou..:-)
    security for the babes? too late...
    thank you bubble
    overworked.. haha that was indeed a compliment...
    lie factory will always be in action. thank you for pulling me back.. and am on the move these days.. thats y cudnt find time to blog much

  9. @mazhalai
    thank you
    tendulkar has a groin injury.. he asked me to play for him instead of him (in the cricket field)
    yea i know... get back to studies.. finish ur exams soon.. all the best

  10. @cm chap..
    thank you for calling me a sweet criminal
    thank you
    @clement anna
    poor dogs.. what are they going to do with my bones...

  11. hello, what's new, what's up?


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