My blog life is on a high. I am just loving it. There is always something to write on. Mathi tagged me to blog about 8 things that I am doing now.
So here it goes...
My Eight

One:I scratched my left cheek now (The cheek on my face)
Two:I am standing up and typing the second point. ( This is the first ever time I am writing a blog-line, standing up)
Three:I am sitting now in my seat cos the babe in the adjacent cubicle at my work place gave a bad stare.(She thinks that I have the hots for her)
Four:I just swallowed some saliva ( Yes. It is mine and I have every right to do so. I can't spit around my cubicle)
Five:I just now realised that the socks on my right leg is brown in colour and the socks in my left leg is cream in colour. ( Wow! I did it again.)
Six:A lady colleague just pinged me. She is asking me whether I could accompany her for breakfast. ( Would she ask me to pay her bills?)
Seven:I just raised my hands to spread the AXE effect around me ( The girl in my adjacent cubicle is closing her nose now)
Eight:My lady colleague just called me on my phone asking me to come soon for breakfast

OK! Let me tag a few people before i leave
and all my fellow blogmates in my blogroll.
Now it is breakfast time...