Tuesday, April 01, 2008

141. Balaji is back

How many of us remember the lanky young pacemen Lakshmipathy Balaji. A little-known Tamil Nadu speedster went to Pakistan in 2004. Lakshmipathy Balaji came back a national hero, after playing a significant part in his team's historic victories.

But Injuries after injuries kept this Tamilnadu paceman out of the Indian Cricket team for almost three years now. But now he has come back with a vengance. In the recently conducted refresher camp in MRF pace foundation, he fired in a delivery at 108 mph with pinpoint accuracy. This was 7 mph faster than the previous record held by Shoaib Akthar. Surprisingly, Balaji had never even bowled a ball in the last three months. His stint with karate at the Tibetian monastery is responsible for this sudden change in power, he says.For further information, the reader is requested to stand in front of the mirror and shout, " April FooooooL"

The author has planned five pranks on his colleagues.

Post- Analysis results will be published soon



  1. Im bored of Cricket LOL!


  2. ah!was wondering y u dint put up a april fool post...

  3. @may
    yes you are the first victim

  4. @keshi
    but balaji is fast keshi

  5. @neeths
    fallen? hehe. join the klub

  6. kumble is faster than lakshmipathy balaji ..infact kumble used to the second fastest bowler in india after ajit agarkar at one point ! and laksmipathy balaji cant bowl at 108 kmph ,forget mph

  7. I don't know much about cricket, so escaped from ur prank.
    As i was roaming the Blogsville, just thought nobody has posted an april fool post :) ta da. here it is.

    happy april fools day to all the victims !

    - Kittu mami

  8. @mahatma
    yes thats true. and kumble even ended saba karim's career with that fateful delivery

  9. @kittu maameeee
    nandreeee.. do come back...

  10. oh!am honoured again indeed! :D
    EVEN I WAS GONNA DO THE SAME..but was planning to askyua b4 adding ur link in mine... ;)so am addingya too k?


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