My alter ego had a conflict with me because I did not give him enough importance in my blog. He was very angry with me because he felt that I gave more importance to Renu than him. I felt so bad that I did not even brush my teeth today. So I wanted to dedicate this post to my alter ego,"Mr.X".

The topic is very simple.The social networking platform,"Orkut" comes out with everyday fortune for its users. Some times these fortunes are so wierd, that I allowed my alter-ego to come up with his own interpretations for fortunes I received this week.

Todays Fortune in Orkut
Monday: You are a person of culture
Mr.X: My neighbour is a cultureless person or what?
Tuesday:You will travel to many places
Mr.X: I slept the whole day.
Wednesday:You are kind-Hearted and hospitable cheerful and well liked
Mr.X: Yes. I just killed a mosquito and poured water on the neighbour's cat
Thursday:Avoid any hasty decision
Mr.X: I want to go the loo now. It is very urgent. But should I wait?
Friday:Behind an able man, there are always other able men
Mr.X: I am not gay