Renu has been my evergreen dream girl. But there has been many girls who have starred in cameo roles in my dream sequences. A few of them are here...
Many of us, might remember her from her Doordarshan days, where she used to read the news at Prime Time. The husky, silvery voice with clear diction that left me impressed always. Thereafter she went onto to churn out some reality based serials for the electronic media.Now She is the director of a Delhi based career counselling firm. Usha Albuquerque, one of my first crushes.
How can I forget the pink cheek girl, who was my dream girl for a long time.Oshin, the little girl who stole all our hearts with the Doordarshan series with her innocent acting. Renu did not know about Oshin's existance in my dreams for a very long time.
How many of us remember the series" The wonder years"?. I watched it for this girl, "Danica". She had a flawless skin and a free flaying hair that always took my breath away.
She is none other than Stephanie of the "Full house" fame. Jodie Sweetin still has a place reserved in my heart.

Gabriella Sabatini... My love for the game, Tennis grew to greater heights when this dame ruled the courts.She had very sharp features. She was one lady who gave steffi a run for her money. In the above picture,look how she makes Anna Kournikova look like a nothing.
More to come...