Thursday, March 27, 2008

137. Is it a Man's world?

Playing a board game of chess with a 8 year old kid is extremely dangerous.If you win, you are ridiculed for cheating a kid and winning the game.If you lose, you are again made fun of.
I have experienced both.
Advice to Blog readers: Never ever play a board game with an 8 year old



  1. what about seven and a half and eight and a half year old kids? can i;)?

  2. @may
    you can ofcourse!
    and you would be probably writing a post on it soon. :-)

  3. I absolutely enjoyed such games..
    when i were eight years old :)!

  4. Games can be played with 8 year if you are 8 and half!!

  5. @santosh
    there is another trick that i used to adopt. once you know that you are losing,shake the table so hard, so that all the pieces fall down from the board

  6. @rakesh
    i never knew how to play the game wen i was 8.


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