Tuesday, March 25, 2008

136. Red shoes

Shopping alone can be a head ache. There would be no one to comment on the shoe you select and it would be such a dull experience to shop alone. I have never shopped alone in my life. But every dog has its day and mine was last sunday.

I went to the adidas showroom ( Yes I shifted my brand loyalty towards adidas when sania signed for adidas) and did a decent scanning of the whole collection. Sales guys can take you for a ride when they see you shopping alone.I wanted a white shoe for my early morning jogging sessions. ( Now don't ask me whether I jog in the mornings. I can't come up with too many lies in a single post). The sales guy pointed at a red shoe and said,"sirji! this would look very good on you". That was a kind of shoe that even my four year old nephew would think twice before wearing. So I gave him a smile and told him," Boss , I would prefer something plain". He gave me a cheap look that had sarcasm on every inch across the wrinkled skin in his face.

I moved to the next gallery and started concentrating on someother white shoes and there he came again with a black leather shoe, and this is how our conversation went
Sales Guy: Sir! This is the latest leather shoe from Switzerland. This would suit you
Me: But I am looking for a sports shoe
SG: But you did not want that red shoe too
Me: I did not like it
SG: I guess you are not updated with the latest fashion. Did you see the latest Simbu Movie kaalai
( For those who do not know who Simbu is, I am happy for you all cos you dont have to go through all the pain i went through by seeing his movies)
Me: Yes I did see that
SG: Our little super star wears that shoe in that movie ( Yes!Simbu calls himself as "little super star")
Me:Let him wear that. BTW I like this shoe
SG: No sir! It would not look good on you. It is so simple
I gave him a blank stare. The sales guy showed the shoe to a ten year old girl and asked if that shoe was nice. She said ,"NO"
SG: Look sir. Even the small girl doesnot like the shoe.
Me: Now What do you want me to do? ( I was getting irritated)
SG: Probably you should take your wife along with you when you shop.
That made me to think,"Should I tell him that I am still Single".But why fall into another trap? I gave the white shoe back to him and left the place.
BTW! Hey married guys around there!!! Do you take your wife along with you when you shop for a shoe?



  1. above red pair.......isn't tht bad et all;))
    shud have picked it up!

  2. u shud have told him u wanted a horse shoe

  3. Red as in blood or cherries? "Wife" whats that?

  4. KAlai is about 2 hrs 20 mins. I watched it in 1 hr 15 mins. Not that i dont regret, anyway. Gosh, the plight of people who watched it in theatres!?

  5. The song "this happens only in India" comes to mind!!

    Am blogrolling you!

  6. @may
    is it.. dunno but i dint like it the way it was presented

  7. @sajeeve
    horse shoe!? any specific reasons behind it?

  8. @santosh
    wife! that is still a mystery

  9. @rakesh
    welkum to this blog. happy to see u here..
    u watched kaalai for 1 hr 15 minutes... that is indeed an achievement...

  10. @solitaire...
    am thrilled... thank you

  11. But every dog has its day and mine was last sunday...lol..ive just had a dog experience and wdnt wanna go thru it again:(
    hahaaa you mean you never told the sales person that you werent married:( we got deprived of some more entertainment!
    I cant get to believe myself that the guy actually was selling off that red shoe to a guy!

  12. does this mean you don't jog now? or jog in sox??

    btw...have tagged ya! Check it out

  13. You are welcome! Have not seen you around on my blog(s). All well?

  14. @seema
    my blog is a big lie factory.. the humor part can be subscribed.. the content is all blown up.. heh.. btw thanks a lot for dropping in this blog. will hop down to ur blog

  15. '@girl of destiny
    wow. yet another tag.. i love taking tags.. thank you

  16. @solitaire..
    i regularly visit ur blog.. i read about the sis- bro write-up too and commented too..

  17. hehehe...can tell u if u take ur wife along for ur shopping..it no longer remains your shopping..it turns into "her" shopping!:-)

  18. @ ekta

    even if i take her to a men's showroom?


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