Shopping alone can be a head ache. There would be no one to comment on the shoe you select and it would be such a dull experience to shop alone. I have never shopped alone in my life. But every dog has its day and mine was last sunday.

I went to the adidas showroom ( Yes I shifted my brand loyalty towards adidas when sania signed for adidas) and did a decent scanning of the whole collection. Sales guys can take you for a ride when they see you shopping alone.I wanted a white shoe for my early morning jogging sessions. ( Now don't ask me whether I jog in the mornings. I can't come up with too many lies in a single post). The sales guy pointed at a red shoe and said,"sirji! this would look very good on you". That was a kind of shoe that even my four year old nephew would think twice before wearing. So I gave him a smile and told him," Boss , I would prefer something plain". He gave me a cheap look that had sarcasm on every inch across the wrinkled skin in his face.

I moved to the next gallery and started concentrating on someother white shoes and there he came again with a black leather shoe, and this is how our conversation went
Sales Guy: Sir! This is the latest leather shoe from Switzerland. This would suit you
Me: But I am looking for a sports shoe
SG: But you did not want that red shoe too
Me: I did not like it
SG: I guess you are not updated with the latest fashion. Did you see the latest Simbu Movie kaalai
( For those who do not know who Simbu is, I am happy for you all cos you dont have to go through all the pain i went through by seeing his movies)
Me: Yes I did see that
SG: Our little super star wears that shoe in that movie ( Yes!Simbu calls himself as "little super star")
Me:Let him wear that. BTW I like this shoe
SG: No sir! It would not look good on you. It is so simple
I gave him a blank stare. The sales guy showed the shoe to a ten year old girl and asked if that shoe was nice. She said ,"NO"
SG: Look sir. Even the small girl doesnot like the shoe.
Me: Now What do you want me to do? ( I was getting irritated)
SG: Probably you should take your wife along with you when you shop.
That made me to think,"Should I tell him that I am still Single".But why fall into another trap? I gave the white shoe back to him and left the place.
BTW! Hey married guys around there!!! Do you take your wife along with you when you shop for a shoe?