I loved the game of soccer as a little boy. I first saw him showing amazing skills with the ball in the 1994 worldcup. He was Instrumental behind Brazil's world cup glory. Yes I am talking about Romario. I rate him as the best ever soccer player till date.

He had a bloated ego which never allowed him to play in the European league. The rise of Ronaldo and the Politics played by Scholari left him in the bench in 1996. But he came back to the Brazilian team in 1997 and showered with rains fo goals, that included the famous 40 yard header goal against Germany. But alas, politics played its part on him again in 1998 and 2002 and he never got a chance to play for Brazil again in worl cup. A great talent was nipped and buried.

We come across characters like Romario in our day to day life. We consider these people as great characters who have a passion to succeed. But pressures from all around sometimes submerge their talents and leave them with nothing. Why does this happen?