Wednesday, March 19, 2008

131. December Radio's First Video

I wrote about December Radio's first performance in one of my earlier posts. I finally got the video of the performance.
Check the video here.

Now we have been through the harvest
Winter has truly begun
Now we have walked in the chill of the night
We are waiting for, waiting for
For the saviour's day

Many have come from the valleys
Many have come from the hills
Many have started their journey home
To be with someone with someone
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day

Here's to the god of the present
Here's to the god of the past
Here's to the hope in the future he brings
We will sing to him, sing to him
On the savior's day

Joining the old and the young ones
Joining the black and the white
Meeting the need of the hungry is he
We will ever remember him
On the saviour's day -Open your eyes



  1. applause applause! =)

    and ENCORE pleej!

  2. @gaya3

    hehe thankyou machooo.. wanna see it again.. ? play it again

  3. @may
    will hunt back to your blog tonyte

  4. @bubbles
    you are a regular here now.. am happy..

  5. hey ....... pretty neat !!!!

    yup, I am back :)

  6. welkum back anusha... that was a long gap.. and dont go and sleep again.... thank you for the comment

  7. Chriz lets jam one day with Gaya3??

    What u say? Give a buzz when u come to Chennai

  8. yes.. btw, i have recorded gaya3s voice.. she sings well. toooooo


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