I was chatting with a new found blog-mate this morning and I was discussing about poetry. He writes amazing poetry. His name is Naveen. We were discussing about the events that lead us to write poetry and finally when the chat ended, I badly wanted to write one.

The following lines might depict the emotional wave that is emanated from my mind. Readers can interpret these lines in their own ways. Please give your interpretations on the following lines.

Complexity of Life

I'm so confused, wanna run, wanna hide
I'm scared to take, filled with so much pride

Cant say in words, even hard to show
Wanna drift away, but find it hard to let go

Love or lust, I dont even know
That urge and temptation to just go with the flow

Hard to show feelings, emotion and all
Not sure to open up,cautious I might fall

Tired of all the drama, pain and being abused
Tired of suffering and not knowing whos being used

So far so good, in fear that it might go wrong
I dont actually know how it lasted this long

I just hope this feeling will lead to something more
Something right and true, something to live for.