A = Anna Kournikova

B = Blogging, Bubbly (My pet dog).
C = Coffee, Chocolate
D = David. My dad
E = Escalator. I loved to go up and down in an escalator,when I was a kid.
F = Forests. A trek inside a dense forest is indeed a great experience

G = Girlfriends. (My empty pocket says it all)

H = Hill tops. I love spending time on hilltops.

I = Indian. Proud to be one.

J = Jeremy, Jolena and Jokes. My life support

K = Kites. It has been a long time since I flew a kite.

L = Litchi. Yes I badly need a litchi drink now.

M = Movies and Music. I am so much addicted to them
N = Non-Violent.
O = O & M. My dream firm.

P = People. If not for them reading this blog, I would not be having the urge to write
Q = Queue. I hate waiting in a queue.( I am vocab- challenged. Could not think of other names in the letter Q)
R = Renu, Renu & Renu
S = Sobana (My First Girlfriend ; My mom)
T = Trekking. Yes I love traveling.
U = Underwear. My underwear is mine and am not sharing it with anyone.
V = Vintage collection. My shelf is full of these
W = Weddings. I love them because I get an opportunity to pull the groom and the bride’s legs.

X = Xmas. My favorite season
Y = Youth hood. I am balding though. But who cares! I am still young at heart.
Z = Zoo. I love going to the Zoo especially with an hyperactive gang..