Sunday, March 09, 2008

123. The fight with my folks

When I was in class 7,my love for Renu reached its romantic pinnacle. I made a pledge that I would marry no one else other than Renu.That pledge even made me a good boy and I stopped drooling over other girls in class that even included my french teacher.I used to follow Renu everyday to school.Her blue school uniform that swerved with her rhythmic walk is still fresh in my memory. She always had a red rose in her hair.I can still sense the fragrance. I soon found out that she used Hamam soap. The very same day, I shifted my brand loyalty to Hamam soap. Even this morning, I used Hamam soap while bathing ( Yes I took a bath today).

Coming back to the topic on my love for Renu, I soon realised that I could not lead a life without her. So I decided to convey my decision to my parents. After much thought , I decided that I would open the subject matter on a weekend. So when saturday finally came, I woke up early in the morning, brushed my teeth, took a warm water bath(ofcourse with hamam soap) and even drew a faint black line between my nose and my upper lip with my pencil (A sign that gave me enough confidence to talk with my parents). I went to the kitchen made my own coffee and went to the couch and had a refreshing drink only to realise that I had mixed the blackpepper powder instead of coffee powder. But Legends do not go down without a fight. So I drank the whole cup. I even glanced through the headlines in the newspaper ( To impress my dad, cos he always used to tell me to keep myself updated with the developments around me). Then I went to my parents and told them that I need to talk to them. They did not bother me. But when I put a serious face and hardened my voice and repeated the sentence, they knew that I was really serious.

So the next moment we( Me, my mom, my dad, and my sister) were in the drawing room. I was at my personified best and this is how the conversation went.

Me:Hi folks. Without much ado, let me come to the point
Sis: Hey! your bed room is stinking.. Did you pee in your bed again?
Me: Please be serious. I do not want to deviate from the topic
Dad: Ok go ahead.
Me: Look everyone! I am in love with a girl.
Mom: At such a young age? are you not ashamed?
Me: I am 12 now. I will be soon a teenager. ( I even kept my index finger near my nose, so that they would notice my mush and understand the fact that I am a big boy)
Mom: Who is she?
Me: My classmate, Renu.
Sis: That little girl who always hangs out with Shabir?
Me: Do not talk about him.She loves me only.
Mom: But she is from a different caste and religion
Me: I do not care. My love for her knows no barriers.
Dad: So what have you decided?
Me: I am going to marry her
Sis: What if we do not agree?
Me: You mind your own business.
Dad: In that case, you would not get your monthly pocket allowance of Five rupees.
Me: I do not care. I just want to marry her
Sis: I will tell to your class girls that you pee in bed.
Me: Huh! As if I care!!!
Mom: No breakfast for you!
Me: I will eat at Renu's house
Sis: But Shabir eats at her place
Me: Grrrrrr. I told you not to talk about him
Dad: I won't buy you the bi-cycle
Me: I will walk to school
Mom: You are not marrying her
Me: Yes! I am gonna marry her
Dad: I won't allow you to watch Shanti anymore

For the un-initiated, Shanti was a mega series that graced every household in India in the Nineties... For the still un-initiated, Mandira Bedi was the main girl in Shanti...

( I never expected this to come from my dad)
Me: But pappa! You can't do this to me
Dad: Yes! no more shanti at home.
Me: Ok! In that case I am not marrying Renu
Sis: Good for Renu
But still my love for Renu continued...



  1. I remember whn Doordarshan startd tis show in d mid-nineties nd I remember tat d word ws out tat there was no limit on d number of episodes. d serial only finished whn it seemed tat d serial ws dragging on n TRP’s hd gone down a lot (in fact, it seemed tat Doordarshan actually put a stop 2 d show because of its low ratings).

    Stuffs apart... u've done it again!
    keep bloggin!

  2. @naveen
    yes.. i was a regular viewer for the series... then i had no other go.. mandira was our very own marlyn manroe then... thank you naveen...

  3. cute one :)

    **Dad: Yes! no more shanti at home.
    Me: Ok! In that case I am not marrying Renu


    but ur parents really told u that u cant marry her, u wont get ur pocket money, u cant watch ur fav show etc? cmon u were only 12 right :)


  4. @keshi
    my blog is a blown up lie factory... hehe..

  5. Hahaha..........chooooo cute love story.........

  6. @kalpana
    hey that was a quick visit at a very short notice.. thank you for coming.. do come again...

  7. It a really cute love story. would have loved if you and renu would have been together. :)

    Its great to know you had so much courage to stand up to ur parents.

  8. Ha ha so u ditched Renu for Shanti too bad.. ;)

  9. Machi, Fabulous... Did u really do this? But I knw ur feelings for Mandira Bedi... I was one of those catchingup Shanthi just for the sake of her.

  10. @santosh
    haha.. as always my post was a big fat lie.. bute yea!! mandiraaaa

  11. that's really mean!!how could you ever do this to renu?? ;)

  12. @dhanya
    no no no.. never ditched renu... in the future posts, you will find out what exactly happened

  13. @cm-chap..
    join the mandira fan club..

  14. @may
    there will be war and peace in love... this post is about war.. post on peace will soon come

  15. lol Im glad to find that out! Im sure ur parents arent that narrow-minded :)


  16. @keshi....
    naaa naaaa. not at all narrow minded.. hehe

  17. @sandhya
    yes.. i have to stand up to my name, CHRONICwriter...

  18. In a hurry to scan your posts....I started off reading the conversation...and when I came to the age part...I was like 12 yrs...what the....and then I went back to the beginning and got all of it...I used be crazy about shanti too...and if I remember right...I was crazy about a serial called sea first crush with madhavan started then...when I was in 7th...hehe :)

  19. @priti
    haha.. i too do that often.. start reading posts from somewhere in between and totally find myself lost nowhere... glad that you are no more confused.. yes i remember sea hawks and fauji too....

  20. ROTFL. too cool i say, TOO COOL.

    every word was a laugh riot! =)

  21. @gayu
    so the post did its purpose.. i am happy now

  22. LMAO!!!!!! That was a sooper post! Is Renu still single??

  23. @roger

    hehe dunnot know where renu is.. i am publishing a book on her....

  24. lol...dat was funny
    but jus one doubt...was there really a renu??[:P]considering the fact that your blog "is a blown up lie factory... "

  25. oops..sorry for the above doubt..ur reenu is all over the blog ;)

  26. u r just awesome.. I had a gud laugh reading this post.. ;)

  27. mama intha nadu exact center paalaivanathula sirikavachathuku... manamaarntha nantri..

  28. rofl :P :P :P mandira ka jaadoo chal gaya ab :( :(
    good one :) :)


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