Wednesday, March 05, 2008

119. The Biker Boys

Sitting in front of the computer for hours at a stretch is one main activity that every IT personnel goes through in his worklife.To do away with the stereotyped worklife, me and my hyperactive colleagues formed a Biker Boy team.After forming the team we did not want to keep quiet. So we thought of using our bikes for some real Biking action.We had four bikes for the ultimate biking adventure.
1) A three year old rust-laden blue colour TVS Victor of maximum speed of 65 kmph
2) A 2000 make,Yamaha 125 cc which has a great fuel efficiency of 15 kmpl
3) A magnificient Bajaj XCD 125 cc which gives a bad-back to the pillion seat rider.
4) A bulky Honda Unicorn which had an ever-ready hot engine and ready-to-stop-anytime-attitude.
We were seven guys and Our first biking destination was a hill resort,"Ponmudi";situated 75 kilometers from my workplace. The bike ride was an amazing experience and a real back breaking exercise. As we finally circled our way past the 22 hairpin bends, all of us were dead tired, a few of us were dehydrated because of excess puking and yours truly lost a great deal of blood to the deadly menacing leaches.But all these troubles did not go in vain cos when we finally reached the summit.It was mist everywhere. We felt like angels flying around in paradise.We spent around an hour on the hilltop clicking snaps and admiring God's wonderful creation and finally when it started to get dark, we made our way back.Check these few snaps that we took on top of the hill.
Yours Truly on the extreme right flexing my bones; along with the biker boys.This picture was taken while we were on our way to the suicide point.

Dhamu, The proud owner of the TVS Victor bike doing a perfect Eagle float in mid-air.

Crazy meanie guys going nuts at suicide point.Behind us, there was nothing.

That was one great place to go for bike-Trekkers.The climate was cool.3 degree celsius to be precise and it was worth the ride.

Please avoid littering the place with plastic products and do take food stuff along with you when you go to this place.



  1. Great happy pics! Quite beautifully written too :)

    GO BIKEY BOYS! ;-)


  2. Nice Trip! Something everyone should do. It was Excellent :-)

  3. WoW....some very wonderfully captured shots!

  4. @ keshi
    thank you. bikey boys have a bad back now!:-(

  5. @navicorn
    yes . now we love biking more than ever

  6. @flying stars
    thanks for dropping here. would come down to your blog

  7. Biking is fun, have done more than 70K kms on my Fiero and its still going strong.

  8. 70k and still going strong.. now thats a great thing.. you ought to write a post on your fiero


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