Sunday, March 02, 2008

116. Advice from Mr.X

I got these questions from Twisted DNA. The questions were letters on advices that people sought from me. As I was busy with my work, I made my alter ego "Mr.X" to answer the questions. Here are a few of the questions.

Dear Mr.X, I am a proud grandmother of a handsome boy who is now living in the city. I want him to come back to our village and fall in love with this girl. But he refuses. How do I get him to come back to the village?
Answer:If you consider yourself to be a proud granny, then forget your pride. I would advice you to do an item number in the next Ram Gopal Verma movie. Believe me, things are gonna work out great for you. You would regain your lost pride.
Question:Dear Mr.X, I would like to disguise myself. Any suggestions?
Answer:Pluck one hair from your head and no one can recognise you.
Question:Dear Mr.X, Urgent! A snake bit my girlfriend. What do I do now?
Answer:The best solution is to take your girlfriend to the nearest movie hall and watch a three hour long movie.Try pop corns and soft drinks during the interval.
Question:Dear Mr.X, My girlfriend is in a girls-only hostel. I want to get into the hostel and meet her. How can I do that?
1) Apply for the post of the hostel watchman.
2) Kidnap the warden of the hostel and hold her for a big ransom
Question:Dear Mr.X, I am a pretty girl and a sister to a handsome, hero-like, guy. Astrologically, what birthstone should I be wearing to get married soon?
Answer:Are you the sister or the brother?
Question:Dear Mr.X, my car stopped all of a sudden on a rural road. How do I fix it?
Answer:Did you stop the car? Then the best solution is to start it.
Question:Dear Mr.X, I just had a serious accident and am unconscious. Will I recover?
Answer:Wow! How did that accident happen? I just came home after running over an innocent guy while driving. By the way what did you just say?
Question:Dear Mr.X, I am pretty and young girl. What is the proper way of taking a shower?
Answer:I have written a 300 page book on how to take shower. For the first reader of the book, the author will take the pains of teaching the reader about the tricks of taking a bath. Do you wanna be the first reader?
Question:Dear Mr.X, I am poor but for a brief period I need to make people believe that I am rich. How do I do that?

Answer:Rob a bank. You will surely become rich.
Question:Dear Mr.X, I am a five year old boy and talk like a 16 year old. I want a baby brother or sister. How do I get one?
Answer:You marry your granny. Your dad will become your brother.



  1. Wohhoooo. That was great post a laugh riot as i will put it. great one mate. keep it going.

  2. @santosh
    as usual you are the first one to comment.. at this rate i am supposed to write a post on you.. before that i have to write a post on jammy. it was because of him , i entered the blog world..

  3. haha.............great ones....btw, where do you have your source of writings from?

  4. hahahahahaha! good ones!!!

  5. Dear Mr.X, I'm fell in love with a guy who inturn he love another girl and she is a lesbo. I raised this same query in vijay tv show pudhira punithama, but of poor luck.
    Heard that you're guru of Mr.Laard-labakku dass. If so, pill-ease share your thought.

  6. @may
    thank you..
    simple things that happen around us

  7. @i'm what i am!
    are you a girl or a boy? the problem you are facing right now is a very serious problem. would discuss with Late.Dr.Mathrabootham and will come up with a remedy for you. till then keep loving your Guy-friend


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