Monday, March 31, 2008

140. Fortune bloopers

My alter ego had a conflict with me because I did not give him enough importance in my blog. He was very angry with me because he felt that I gave more importance to Renu than him. I felt so bad that I did not even brush my teeth today. So I wanted to dedicate this post to my alter ego,"Mr.X".

The topic is very simple.The social networking platform,"Orkut" comes out with everyday fortune for its users. Some times these fortunes are so wierd, that I allowed my alter-ego to come up with his own interpretations for fortunes I received this week.

Todays Fortune in Orkut
Monday: You are a person of culture
Mr.X: My neighbour is a cultureless person or what?
Tuesday:You will travel to many places
Mr.X: I slept the whole day.
Wednesday:You are kind-Hearted and hospitable cheerful and well liked
Mr.X: Yes. I just killed a mosquito and poured water on the neighbour's cat
Thursday:Avoid any hasty decision
Mr.X: I want to go the loo now. It is very urgent. But should I wait?
Friday:Behind an able man, there are always other able men
Mr.X: I am not gay


Saturday, March 29, 2008

139. A few of my crushes

Renu has been my evergreen dream girl. But there has been many girls who have starred in cameo roles in my dream sequences. A few of them are here...
Many of us, might remember her from her Doordarshan days, where she used to read the news at Prime Time. The husky, silvery voice with clear diction that left me impressed always. Thereafter she went onto to churn out some reality based serials for the electronic media.Now She is the director of a Delhi based career counselling firm. Usha Albuquerque, one of my first crushes.
How can I forget the pink cheek girl, who was my dream girl for a long time.Oshin, the little girl who stole all our hearts with the Doordarshan series with her innocent acting. Renu did not know about Oshin's existance in my dreams for a very long time.
How many of us remember the series" The wonder years"?. I watched it for this girl, "Danica". She had a flawless skin and a free flaying hair that always took my breath away.
She is none other than Stephanie of the "Full house" fame. Jodie Sweetin still has a place reserved in my heart.

Gabriella Sabatini... My love for the game, Tennis grew to greater heights when this dame ruled the courts.She had very sharp features. She was one lady who gave steffi a run for her money. In the above picture,look how she makes Anna Kournikova look like a nothing.
More to come...

Friday, March 28, 2008

138. I am very much attached to...

April 1-2005.
It has been three years now.
I still have that ash colour ( yea i am color blind) adidas wrist band ( arm band for me) around my arm. It has been a different sort of love story. The last thing that was attached to my body for a long time was my black socks which stuck on to my legs for 14 days on a trot. Apparently I had to remove it, the day my neighbour's dog died due to breathlessness.
Oh! Yea. I forgot to mention about the titanium string which replaced my achilles tendon in the winter of 2001. Do you guys have any such attachments?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

137. Is it a Man's world?

Playing a board game of chess with a 8 year old kid is extremely dangerous.If you win, you are ridiculed for cheating a kid and winning the game.If you lose, you are again made fun of.
I have experienced both.
Advice to Blog readers: Never ever play a board game with an 8 year old


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

136. Red shoes

Shopping alone can be a head ache. There would be no one to comment on the shoe you select and it would be such a dull experience to shop alone. I have never shopped alone in my life. But every dog has its day and mine was last sunday.

I went to the adidas showroom ( Yes I shifted my brand loyalty towards adidas when sania signed for adidas) and did a decent scanning of the whole collection. Sales guys can take you for a ride when they see you shopping alone.I wanted a white shoe for my early morning jogging sessions. ( Now don't ask me whether I jog in the mornings. I can't come up with too many lies in a single post). The sales guy pointed at a red shoe and said,"sirji! this would look very good on you". That was a kind of shoe that even my four year old nephew would think twice before wearing. So I gave him a smile and told him," Boss , I would prefer something plain". He gave me a cheap look that had sarcasm on every inch across the wrinkled skin in his face.

I moved to the next gallery and started concentrating on someother white shoes and there he came again with a black leather shoe, and this is how our conversation went
Sales Guy: Sir! This is the latest leather shoe from Switzerland. This would suit you
Me: But I am looking for a sports shoe
SG: But you did not want that red shoe too
Me: I did not like it
SG: I guess you are not updated with the latest fashion. Did you see the latest Simbu Movie kaalai
( For those who do not know who Simbu is, I am happy for you all cos you dont have to go through all the pain i went through by seeing his movies)
Me: Yes I did see that
SG: Our little super star wears that shoe in that movie ( Yes!Simbu calls himself as "little super star")
Me:Let him wear that. BTW I like this shoe
SG: No sir! It would not look good on you. It is so simple
I gave him a blank stare. The sales guy showed the shoe to a ten year old girl and asked if that shoe was nice. She said ,"NO"
SG: Look sir. Even the small girl doesnot like the shoe.
Me: Now What do you want me to do? ( I was getting irritated)
SG: Probably you should take your wife along with you when you shop.
That made me to think,"Should I tell him that I am still Single".But why fall into another trap? I gave the white shoe back to him and left the place.
BTW! Hey married guys around there!!! Do you take your wife along with you when you shop for a shoe?


Monday, March 24, 2008

135. Door knobs

Are you working in an IT firm?
If the answer is YES, then please heed to this message...

" Please be careful while opening pantry doors, because in most IT companies, the pantries are very near to the loo. Researches indicate that only a meagre 4% of the entire loo going population wash and dry their hands as a part of their post-loo process. So next time you touch a door knob in your pantry,do it at your own risk"


Saturday, March 22, 2008

134. For desperate bachelors

I am still a wandering bachelor and hence I have the liberty to come up with various combinations of finding a partner. I pity all those who have already found one. This post is for all the Guys who do not have a girl friend( That includes the author also).
My work demands me to device process flows for the IT solutions that my firm produces. I am envisioning a simple process flow that would enable the desperate aspirants to find their match. Click on this picture to understand more.

If anyone is successful with the above mentioned process, please inform me too. I would like to implement it in my life too.

Friday, March 21, 2008

133. Why does this happen?

I loved the game of soccer as a little boy. I first saw him showing amazing skills with the ball in the 1994 worldcup. He was Instrumental behind Brazil's world cup glory. Yes I am talking about Romario. I rate him as the best ever soccer player till date.

He had a bloated ego which never allowed him to play in the European league. The rise of Ronaldo and the Politics played by Scholari left him in the bench in 1996. But he came back to the Brazilian team in 1997 and showered with rains fo goals, that included the famous 40 yard header goal against Germany. But alas, politics played its part on him again in 1998 and 2002 and he never got a chance to play for Brazil again in worl cup. A great talent was nipped and buried.

We come across characters like Romario in our day to day life. We consider these people as great characters who have a passion to succeed. But pressures from all around sometimes submerge their talents and leave them with nothing. Why does this happen?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

132. What has happened to the game?

I started loving the game after seeing the gentle swede sweeping across the wimbledon lawns in the mid 80s. Yes I am talking about Stefan Edberg. He did not have a big serve to threaten his opponents, but he sure knew where to place his serves and there was/is no one better than him when it comes to volleying. His deep, down the line volleys have left the opponents gaping and confused. His biggest opponent was Boris Becker. I liked Boris too, cos he was the Johnty Rhodes of Tennis. His dives in the lawn have left many a girls lose their heart for him. If only he dived like that in cement courts, he would have left the scene very early.

Now a days when I see a tennis match, i do not see the grace anymore. It is indeed a war these days. Serves launched at rocket speed and cross court winners that zoom at missile modes has made the game look more fast. King Fed is ofcourse ruling the roost with little opposition from Nadal and Nalbandian.

But where has the grace gone?. Tennis is no more a game that enchants us. BTW Edberg has agreed to Coach Sania Mirza. Will that change the scenario?


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

131. December Radio's First Video

I wrote about December Radio's first performance in one of my earlier posts. I finally got the video of the performance.
Check the video here.

Now we have been through the harvest
Winter has truly begun
Now we have walked in the chill of the night
We are waiting for, waiting for
For the saviour's day

Many have come from the valleys
Many have come from the hills
Many have started their journey home
To be with someone with someone
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day

Here's to the god of the present
Here's to the god of the past
Here's to the hope in the future he brings
We will sing to him, sing to him
On the savior's day

Joining the old and the young ones
Joining the black and the white
Meeting the need of the hungry is he
We will ever remember him
On the saviour's day -Open your eyes


Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Back in College, Me and my three friends had a simple musical band. We called ourselves NEWS. We had such a name because we four guys represented the four different corners of the country.
Lari is from Shillong and he is an amazing guitarist. He is a gentle guy who is very good soccer player. We called him Baichung Bhutia. There was this Girl, Daphy. She had a powerful voice.She used to sing Alto in our band. She was a great athlete too.Daphy was from Shillong too. Then we had Xavier from Goa.He has a powerful tenor voice and he is one of the most softestestest guys I have ever seen in my life.Finally Me, from Tamilnadu completed the band.

We started with slow rock and finally graded ourselves into a four-part band. Recently I found a video of one of our songs. The song was sung for christmas. The name of the song is "Everybody likes to take a holiday".
Watch this video for the whole song.


Monday, March 17, 2008

129. I was surrounded by 22 women

People who carve are brave- Pritney Sbears
Certain archaeological wonders have left me in awe and amazement with their splendor. I first visited Mahabalipuram (A place of National Heritage) when I was just three years old. I still remember climbing on top of the big elephant carving. For the next five years I was left to believe that it was indeed a real elephant. Let me get into thetopic.Last year I enrolled myself in a carving competition because of my love for carving. After getting enrolled into the competition, I was told that the name of the competition was “vegetable carving”. I came to know that the competition would last for an hour. I was also told that equipments and objects for carving would be given only inside the competition hall.

When I entered the competition hall , I realized that there were 22 other competitors vying for the top spot. I also realized that I was the only species from the male community inside the hall. That made me go pink. Suddenly one lady emerged from behind the door and announced the rules for the competition. I was given a bag and I found some vegetables inside the bag. The lady also placed a big container that had a consortium of many vegetables, in front of us. She also gave each one of us a fork, a spoon, a box of tooth pick and a knife. I did not know what I had to do with those.

Just before the competition started she announced the theme of the competition. The theme was “Man made wonder”. I still did not have an idea about the competition. Soon she rang a bell and said in a loud tone, “Your time starts now”. Immediately the 22 women folk around me got into the act. They were taking vegetables from their respective bags and cutting and slicing the vegetables. Some even ran to the front and picked some vegetables from the big container that was kept in front of us.

I sheepishly looked inside the bag that was given to me. I found four brinjals, a few ladies fingers and half a kilogram of tomatoes. I picked one tomato and cut it into half and started eating it. While eating I turned around and saw the neighboring girl creating a house with the vegetables provided to her. I asked her what she was up to! She said that she was carving a house. She was also kind enough to explain me the rules of the competition. I looked around and found a few castles, bridges, dams. One girl was even making a train from the vegetables. I started thinking what to do and by the time I came to a decision, I had already finished eating the tomatoes provided to me. I was only left with the brinjal and the ladies fingers. I found it better than the fingers of the lady sitting behind me, cos she was constantly picking her nose. Finally Renu’s face flashed in front of my mind. Immediately I decided that I would build Taj Mahal.

I ran to the container and found a few vegetables. I took them back to my seat and started building my own Taj Mahal. I started crafting and carving the vegetables with deft touches. I also found a candle stick in the container. I broke it into pieces and lit it and gave a glowing appearance to the Taj and finally I was happy with my wonderful creation. One hour was over and every one stopped carving. The judges started inspecting. Just when they reached my table, my Taj Mahal fell down that made the judges smile at me. I smiled back at them. I did not get any prize in the event. But I was given the MAN of the competition award. I dedicate this post to Renu. This is the Taj Mahal I built for her.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

128. Singing with mom

I wanted to add this video long time back. This video is about a christmas song, sung by me and my mom. It is in TAMIL. My mom sang the straights and I accompanied her with the strings and with a little bit of seconds vocalling. Do check the video.
This is gonna be a song video week in my Blog. Would be updating another few videos of my band..


Saturday, March 15, 2008

127. Complexity of life

I was chatting with a new found blog-mate this morning and I was discussing about poetry. He writes amazing poetry. His name is Naveen. We were discussing about the events that lead us to write poetry and finally when the chat ended, I badly wanted to write one.

The following lines might depict the emotional wave that is emanated from my mind. Readers can interpret these lines in their own ways. Please give your interpretations on the following lines.

Complexity of Life

I'm so confused, wanna run, wanna hide
I'm scared to take, filled with so much pride

Cant say in words, even hard to show
Wanna drift away, but find it hard to let go

Love or lust, I dont even know
That urge and temptation to just go with the flow

Hard to show feelings, emotion and all
Not sure to open up,cautious I might fall

Tired of all the drama, pain and being abused
Tired of suffering and not knowing whos being used

So far so good, in fear that it might go wrong
I dont actually know how it lasted this long

I just hope this feeling will lead to something more
Something right and true, something to live for.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

126. Notty Boys

Disclaimer: The author got the picture in a forwarded mail.The story is built around the picture and it is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone. Read it with a pure nutty mind.

The Indian Cricket team is a very young team led by a very matured young guy, Dhoni. With a maestro like , Sachin in the team, all the boys have a father figure to guide them. After the recently concluded Tri-series in Australia, where the Indians whacked the ozzies; the BCCI gave a warm reception to the Indian cricket team.

Young girls thronged to catch a glimpse of their dream guy, Dhoni. They jumped with joy when they saw the guys march on to the dias. As always no one seemed to bother much about our Sreesanth ( I started liking that guy now. He has become more calm and composed and that is a very good sign). An eager and enthusiastic young girl jumped onto the stage and reached out for Dhoni to have his autograph. Dhoni obliged with his ever-so-simple nature. Sachin depcited his usual class and style with a majectic look. The three notty kids ( Robin,Dinesh and Yuvraj) had their eye sight fixed on something else that magnetised them.

Message to the boys: Nothing goes un-noticed in this world.

Glad that there were no cameras in my schooling life that captured the innocent mind of the chronicwriter.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

125. A to Z of me

A = Anna Kournikova

B = Blogging, Bubbly (My pet dog).
C = Coffee, Chocolate
D = David. My dad
E = Escalator. I loved to go up and down in an escalator,when I was a kid.
F = Forests. A trek inside a dense forest is indeed a great experience

G = Girlfriends. (My empty pocket says it all)

H = Hill tops. I love spending time on hilltops.

I = Indian. Proud to be one.

J = Jeremy, Jolena and Jokes. My life support

K = Kites. It has been a long time since I flew a kite.

L = Litchi. Yes I badly need a litchi drink now.

M = Movies and Music. I am so much addicted to them
N = Non-Violent.
O = O & M. My dream firm.

P = People. If not for them reading this blog, I would not be having the urge to write
Q = Queue. I hate waiting in a queue.( I am vocab- challenged. Could not think of other names in the letter Q)
R = Renu, Renu & Renu
S = Sobana (My First Girlfriend ; My mom)
T = Trekking. Yes I love traveling.
U = Underwear. My underwear is mine and am not sharing it with anyone.
V = Vintage collection. My shelf is full of these
W = Weddings. I love them because I get an opportunity to pull the groom and the bride’s legs.

X = Xmas. My favorite season
Y = Youth hood. I am balding though. But who cares! I am still young at heart.
Z = Zoo. I love going to the Zoo especially with an hyperactive gang..

Monday, March 10, 2008

124. Some colleagues leave a mark

Some colleagues leave a mark in your heart when they leave your workplace. I have gone through many a farewells; but last friday was very different. A colleague can really make a great difference in your life.There are instances where you never realise the value of the person when he/she is with you. The moment they leave you, it feels all dull and barren. The guy in the picture is B.karthik. We call him Beekay. He was one among us. We have had a whale of a time.Now he has moved to another firm.
The lunch time is gonna be dull without his peculiar laugh.
The tea time at the pantry is never gonna be the same again.
The biking trips might never happen again.
Beekay! You are missed.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

123. The fight with my folks

When I was in class 7,my love for Renu reached its romantic pinnacle. I made a pledge that I would marry no one else other than Renu.That pledge even made me a good boy and I stopped drooling over other girls in class that even included my french teacher.I used to follow Renu everyday to school.Her blue school uniform that swerved with her rhythmic walk is still fresh in my memory. She always had a red rose in her hair.I can still sense the fragrance. I soon found out that she used Hamam soap. The very same day, I shifted my brand loyalty to Hamam soap. Even this morning, I used Hamam soap while bathing ( Yes I took a bath today).

Coming back to the topic on my love for Renu, I soon realised that I could not lead a life without her. So I decided to convey my decision to my parents. After much thought , I decided that I would open the subject matter on a weekend. So when saturday finally came, I woke up early in the morning, brushed my teeth, took a warm water bath(ofcourse with hamam soap) and even drew a faint black line between my nose and my upper lip with my pencil (A sign that gave me enough confidence to talk with my parents). I went to the kitchen made my own coffee and went to the couch and had a refreshing drink only to realise that I had mixed the blackpepper powder instead of coffee powder. But Legends do not go down without a fight. So I drank the whole cup. I even glanced through the headlines in the newspaper ( To impress my dad, cos he always used to tell me to keep myself updated with the developments around me). Then I went to my parents and told them that I need to talk to them. They did not bother me. But when I put a serious face and hardened my voice and repeated the sentence, they knew that I was really serious.

So the next moment we( Me, my mom, my dad, and my sister) were in the drawing room. I was at my personified best and this is how the conversation went.

Me:Hi folks. Without much ado, let me come to the point
Sis: Hey! your bed room is stinking.. Did you pee in your bed again?
Me: Please be serious. I do not want to deviate from the topic
Dad: Ok go ahead.
Me: Look everyone! I am in love with a girl.
Mom: At such a young age? are you not ashamed?
Me: I am 12 now. I will be soon a teenager. ( I even kept my index finger near my nose, so that they would notice my mush and understand the fact that I am a big boy)
Mom: Who is she?
Me: My classmate, Renu.
Sis: That little girl who always hangs out with Shabir?
Me: Do not talk about him.She loves me only.
Mom: But she is from a different caste and religion
Me: I do not care. My love for her knows no barriers.
Dad: So what have you decided?
Me: I am going to marry her
Sis: What if we do not agree?
Me: You mind your own business.
Dad: In that case, you would not get your monthly pocket allowance of Five rupees.
Me: I do not care. I just want to marry her
Sis: I will tell to your class girls that you pee in bed.
Me: Huh! As if I care!!!
Mom: No breakfast for you!
Me: I will eat at Renu's house
Sis: But Shabir eats at her place
Me: Grrrrrr. I told you not to talk about him
Dad: I won't buy you the bi-cycle
Me: I will walk to school
Mom: You are not marrying her
Me: Yes! I am gonna marry her
Dad: I won't allow you to watch Shanti anymore

For the un-initiated, Shanti was a mega series that graced every household in India in the Nineties... For the still un-initiated, Mandira Bedi was the main girl in Shanti...

( I never expected this to come from my dad)
Me: But pappa! You can't do this to me
Dad: Yes! no more shanti at home.
Me: Ok! In that case I am not marrying Renu
Sis: Good for Renu
But still my love for Renu continued...


Saturday, March 08, 2008

122. My socks hid my wallet

I had my first personal wallet when I was a six year old guy.My dad presented me with a colorful wallet. Joy and happiness knew no bounds as I hopped around the house with glee.I never graduated from shorts to pants then. That troubled me, because my shorts did not have a big pocket that would accomodate the wallet. I found a new place to keep the wallet. My socks had a bulging effect as my wallet would be inside it in school.

Even at nights, I used to sleep with my wallet on me, and that resulted in me sleeping with my socks on.The stinking effect that my socks created every night, made my neighbour to vacate his house.My sister and me shared the same room and my sock effect made her to sleep on the couch in the drawing room on most occassions.This infuriated folks at my place and a new rule was enforced at home. The new rule stated very clearly that no human being at home should be wearing a socks inside the house after 6 pm.This new rule made my dad to enter the house with his socks in his hands as his work timings made it sure that he came home only after 6 pm.

I found a new place to keep my wallet when I slept. For a six year old guy I could not think of new ideas and my underwear served the purpose of a wallet holder.But I soon realised that it was a big mistake as I had the habit of bed wetting. I am repeating this line very clearly for my readers that I USED to wet my bed as a SIX year old little guy and not now.

My wallet had a few stickers,uno cards , pictures of wresting stars and occassionaly some money also ( Though the currency value in my wallet never crossed 10/-Rupees).The pride with which I used to carry around my wallet when I did my shopping was a sight that I would never forget. I was one among the first guys in my batch to use a personal wallet.All the six year olds would look at me with faugh and fury just because I used to show off too much with my wallet. My glorious days with my first ever wallet soon came to an end when my class teacher found me with my wallet in school. My wallet was confiscated and handed over to my parents.I never again had a wallet in my school life.


Friday, March 07, 2008

121. When cricketers whack

Commonbank tri-series cricket final between Australia and India was nearing a nail-biting finish.Michael Clarke was bowled by PraveenKumar through the gates and as a result the mighty Symonds makes his way into the pitch. Before he could settle down, a streaker from the crowd tried to distract him by running into the pitch,haplessly followed by six cops.The mad streaker was just going around in circles and just when everyone thought that nothing could stop him,Symonds moved forward and whacked the puppy-shame-boy with one whacky hook that bonked his brains and the next moment;he was lying flat on the ground. I am still laughing thinking about the incident.

Another Incident that crosses my mind was the brat-clash between javed mianded and Dennis Lillee. Mianded thought that Lillee tried to block him while he attempted a single and after the intial exchange of words, Lillee kicked Miandad on his pads and that was what Miandad was waiting for.Miandad, started charging towards Lillee with his bat lifted high above the head, as if to hit him. The umpire's intervention prevented what could have turned out to be a real assault had Miandad gone head with his plans. However, the picture of Miandad hurling his bat at Lillee made the whole incident look even worse, and was promptly declared as the most indignified incident in the history of Cricket.

The third incident happened when the whacking was given to the ball.It was the 2003 worldcup match between India and England. Caddick bowled a bouncer at Tendulkar that bounced above his head. Caddick's immediate remark was," Grow up baby! You could kiss the ball". The silent Tendulkar was calm and composed as ever and the very next ball which also was aimed at his face got a different treatment; no words exchanged, but Caddick got his answer;pure Tendulkar Style. That six is stillrated as the best six ever hit in a worldcup match. At the end of the match, Caddick said," He is indeed the little master"
By the way, I am in the playing 13 for the inter-firm cricket match this weekend. I know that I wont make it to the team as I would be asked to do the commentators' job. But if I get an opportunity to bat for my side, there would definitely be some hard-core whacking.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

120. These guys inspire me

A few people I admire...

He is extremely funny. Rowan Atkinson, populary referred to as ,Mr.Bean can make anyone laugh with his so called antics. His eye-balls speak a lot. This most respected English actor can do wonders with his facial reactions which at times turn out to be gross for the viewer. His success with his comic series Mr Bean made him to act in a few movies. But Only one movie,"Bean-The movie" made it big. His other movies viz- Rat race, Johnny English all had pale humor that did not depict his class. But on his day, Mr.Bean is a class apart.

From Rags to riches; This one guy has proved to the world that with a little variation in facial expression and a slight modulation of the voice, wonders can be made on the golden screen. He started slowly and he is just going up, up and up in the ladder. Vadivelu is surely one of my all time favorite comedian.
One director; whose movies I can blindly watch is Guiseppe Tornatore. This Italian wonder-film maker has made the greatest ever flicks like Cinema Paradiso, Malena, Legend of 1900, La Sconusuita.
If there is one Guy with whom I can find hundreds of similarities with myself, It has to be Jim Carrey. His Ace Ventura series still can make me laugh on and on. Every single cell in his body has great expressions. Though he has many gross expressions, I still love this guys for the talent he has.

BTW, the movie I was directing for the last one month has finally got shape. Would upload it soon.
- Chronicwriter

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

119. The Biker Boys

Sitting in front of the computer for hours at a stretch is one main activity that every IT personnel goes through in his worklife.To do away with the stereotyped worklife, me and my hyperactive colleagues formed a Biker Boy team.After forming the team we did not want to keep quiet. So we thought of using our bikes for some real Biking action.We had four bikes for the ultimate biking adventure.
1) A three year old rust-laden blue colour TVS Victor of maximum speed of 65 kmph
2) A 2000 make,Yamaha 125 cc which has a great fuel efficiency of 15 kmpl
3) A magnificient Bajaj XCD 125 cc which gives a bad-back to the pillion seat rider.
4) A bulky Honda Unicorn which had an ever-ready hot engine and ready-to-stop-anytime-attitude.
We were seven guys and Our first biking destination was a hill resort,"Ponmudi";situated 75 kilometers from my workplace. The bike ride was an amazing experience and a real back breaking exercise. As we finally circled our way past the 22 hairpin bends, all of us were dead tired, a few of us were dehydrated because of excess puking and yours truly lost a great deal of blood to the deadly menacing leaches.But all these troubles did not go in vain cos when we finally reached the summit.It was mist everywhere. We felt like angels flying around in paradise.We spent around an hour on the hilltop clicking snaps and admiring God's wonderful creation and finally when it started to get dark, we made our way back.Check these few snaps that we took on top of the hill.
Yours Truly on the extreme right flexing my bones; along with the biker boys.This picture was taken while we were on our way to the suicide point.

Dhamu, The proud owner of the TVS Victor bike doing a perfect Eagle float in mid-air.

Crazy meanie guys going nuts at suicide point.Behind us, there was nothing.

That was one great place to go for bike-Trekkers.The climate was cool.3 degree celsius to be precise and it was worth the ride.

Please avoid littering the place with plastic products and do take food stuff along with you when you go to this place.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

118. My grand-dad

Mr Robin Selvanayagam.(That is him in the picture along with me and my sister). I remember the days when I used to sit in the drawing room asking him all sorts of questions ranging from World news to sports to Indian History to movies to music to Worldly wisdom. He had answers to all my questions.He was a man of few words.( A trait that my dad aquired from him and failed to pass it on to me). The first cricket bat I used was the same bat that he used when he played cricket as a teenager. It was a heavy bat (even heavier than Sachin's bat). When I started using it, the bat was taller than me. Even now it does not make much of a difference. My thatha was a cricketer in his teen-days. He used to teach me the basics of the game.I always had an eye for his steel HMT watch.

He was my dad's dad and I called him thatha. Thatha had a Bush TV; a similar version to the one that we had at our home. The only difference was that His TV had around 100 channels and the TV at our home just had one channel ,"Doordarshan". So when ever I wanted to watch my favorite shows on TV, I used to run to his place. WWF was a puller then. I used to watch with awe and amazement at the skills of the wresling stars.British Bull dog, Razor ramon, Sid justice were a few of my favorites then. Watching Santa Barbara and Bold and beautiful were considered to be vices for a 8 year old guy like me. Thatha never allowed me to watch them and my curiosity on the show grew and reached greater heights. The first series that thatha allowed me to watch was "The wonder years". I liked it. It was thatha's favorite too.

We both watched discovery channel for hours at a stretch and he knew about almost every living creature on earth. Such was his knowledge about things around him. His music taste was weird. He had a big gramophone and every evening he played his favorite musical pieces. Symphonies of beethoven and mozart always filled the house. He had a great collection of reader's digest. He had each and every single edition of readers digest right from the mid sixties. He went into HIS abode in 2000. He was a great man.He spoke very less to others.For me, he was my human encyclopedia.I have never seen a man with such knowledge like him.