Friday, February 22, 2008

113.Doordarshan days

I first saw the television when I was in class One. It was the winter of 1987.I remember two men walking into our house with a big cardboard box.Just like every other six year old, I was curious to know what was inside the box. My imaginations yielded many a thoughts which included sweets, toys, kitchen utensils,wardrobe stuff. Finally when they opened the box and took the brand new TV,I remember jumping up and down, for that was the first time I was seeing a TV from a very close proximity. I turned around and looked at my sister( She is three years older than me. Yes! OLDER than me) and she gave me that know it all look.But it was too late for me to react as I had already shown my enthusiasm.My sister went near the TV with raised eyebrows (In fact she was also seeing the TV for the first time in her life).

The two guys connected the TV to some wires and did something with an aluminium rod ( My dad later told that it is called as antenna) and finally my mom was called in to switch ON the TV. In the meantime me and my sister had occupied strategic positions in front of the TV.When the grains appeared,I started clapping. My sister was keeping her silence as always. She gave a sarcastic smile; I stopped clapping. We happily watched the grains for the next two hours and went to Sleep. That was the first programme I watched on TV. By the by the name of the TV was Bush.

We watched TV that whole week and everyday we at least spent around two hours in front of the TV. The grain show continued. We started counting the grains that appeared on TV. I counted till 864 grains and gave a smile to my sister. Again she bowled me over by saying that she counted 2342 grains. I was amazed at her counting skills. Then one day my dad did something on the TV and he called that process as "Tuning the TV". He told us that we can watch another programme from now on. We were very happy.So the next whole week we had an additional programme on our daily schedule.The new programme looked like a rainbow. It was a colourful programme when compared with the grain show.

I went around and told my friends about the wonderful informative programmes that I was privileged to watch.One day When me and my sister were watching our favorite programme, something wierd happened. Some Red colour circle started forming in the TV nand finally, it ended up like the one in the picture below. Joy and happiness knew no bounds for me and my sister.She knew how to read and write Hindi. So she read the script in the circular thing and informed me that the new programme's name was "Doordarshan". Again she gave me that attitude look and immediately I surrendered. She seemed to me as the epitome of knowledge.Every day we would wait for the red circular thing to appear and we used to sing along with the background tune that accompanied the doordarshan show.

In the days that followed we were treated to load trucks of programmes and we had our list of favorite programmes too. On Mondays, we used to watch Surabhi and Oshin.

Tuesday nights were the terror filled nights as I used to get scared of the horror detective Tekhkikaat. The wet bed cannot be associated with me getting scared of frightful tuesday nights.

Wednesday nights remind me of Chitrahaar( An assortium of Hindi film songs).

Thursdays take me back to the memories of Gitanjali Iyer and Shobana Ravi ( I loved both the news readers from the bottom of my true heart).

Friday nights rested me with World this week.

Saturdays and Sundays were fun indeed with movies, street hawk, poirot, chandrakantha, shakthimaan, world of sports.

Days went by and the Television was polluted with hundreds of new channels and thousands of programmes. Now every one in our family have different programme tastes and we no longer watch one channel continuously for more than fifteen minutes. We do not have the Bush TV anymore with us. One powerful lightening blinded it. The same interest with which I used to watch all my favorite programmes on doordarshan has ceased to exist. Now I seldom watch any channel. My Bush TV is still in my precious memories. Those were the days. I call it - "My doordarshan days"



  1. Wonderful writeup.. Took me back to those days. Keep it up.

  2. aaaawww....see? its coz of posts like these i love blogspot!!
    I remember tehkikaat...yeh hai tehkikaaat.. nice!
    Btw, u found poirot intresting? i still hav no idea wht the program was about! :P
    Nice post man..more of these pls! :)

  3. That was a nostalgic post.. We also have a bush at home that came in the year 1989. That was serving us all these years since my parents were not ready to trade it since it was still giving good output. But last month I bought one more as I found the tuning so tedious. But the good old bush is still there !!!

  4. You could count till 868 when u were SIX!!!..u are making me jealous.

    I still remember the 'Sorry for the interruption' message.
    (That was 'Thadangalukku varuthugirom' in tamil :-))

  5. It took back to my old days as well. Oliyum Oliyum on friday, He-man, Jungle-book, Super-hit Muqabula (whew, self-appraizing my memory power)
    Well, Dyanora was our first television at home and I broke the channel tuner on the same day when installed. Needless to say, got a nice slap from uncle :(

  6. @cm
    welkum to my blog. even i wanted to write more of those days. but dint want the post to be so long

  7. @arshat
    you were my first ever blogmate.. been a while visiting ur profile. wud come now and visit

  8. @jenin
    i counted only till 8.. but i cheated.. yes .. even i remember that message.. cha! how did iss that one?

  9. wow!
    i am! elkum to the blog.. keep coming

  10. wow really took me back. if we think abt it we really had a gr8 time back then. Makes you appreciate simple things.

  11. @akka
    hehe.. yeaa.. old memories.. did you just thank me and then deleted that " thank you line".. hahahaha

  12. Hey thats a real nice post ... it was almost like scene out of our living room .. and we too had a Bush TV then !!! Thanks for dropping by... keep visiting :)

  13. but doordarshan have got so boring that none is seeing it now..

    misssing it :(


  14. @deepti
    haha.. join the bush tv club.. do come regularly..

  15. @sss
    yes dd has become pale now.. but i miss those old programs

  16. @keshi

    that was the smallest ever comment that i have got.

  17. btw come to my blog to check out my famousness ;-)


  18. Gr8 post! We had a Solidaire black and white TV. After several years we graduated to an Onida withour a remote because dad thought we would break the remote!!! : )

  19. @keshi
    can see that cover girl.. you ahve become very famous

  20. @ clement
    haha.. now we have toshiba

  21. This reminds me of the TV. I don't even remeber its name now. IT wasn't BUSH. but it was with my gfamily for more than 17 year before it was shown the door.

    i do remember the days of DD1.My house never had dish TV becuase it was either my sister's or brother's or my board exams. :(

  22. Good post!! Am taken back to Shakthimaan days, which was my fav:)

  23. @santosh
    yeah... those were the days.. exam times remind me of smething. i need to come up with some post on exams.

  24. @may
    shakthimaaan.. my fav too (THEN)

  25. i have some vague memories of watching Mahabharata and chitrahaar on DD. =)

  26. yea gaya3!
    where were you all this while?

  27. It’s really a great post.It took me down to the memory lane......My parents bought the bush T.V in 1984.The one thing I remembered very well is Johnson Baby advert and waiting to watch chitramala to see the only one Tamil song .I do not know whether my children are going to have such a cherished moments like this.My parents are still having the T.V.Great Job. Great work.Keep it up.

  28. @glory

    84 to 2008 and still going strong? that is one great tv indeed

  29. Gitanjali Aiyer's daughter got married, Tejeswar singh is dead...good and bad news indeed, pls check the link for the further news !!


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