Sunday, February 17, 2008

112. The thirty jinx

1862 - Gnanasigamony (My great-great grand dad)
1892 - Selvanayagam (My great grand dad)
1922 - Robin ( My grand dad)
1952 - David (My dad)
1982 - Chriz ( Me)
2012 - Am I gonna follow the footsteps of my forefathers?


  1. are you desperate?

  2. Have u started planning already??..or have u moved 1 step higher?? :-)

  3. @shilpa
    yes! i am gonna marry your granny and your dad will have a sibling next year.. happy now?

  4. @jenin
    planningaa? namma opening ellam very gud.. but ery bad in pinising... still on the same step.. varuthapdaadha vaalibar sangam daa


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