Tuesday, February 05, 2008

106. August-25-1985

I cried at last. I went to church for the Sunday service in a goofy combination. I discovered that i was wearing my vest inside out underneath my shirt. Further, I noticed that I had two different socks on my legs. One sock did not have the spirit to stand up tall as it lost its elasticity. To add salt to the injury, i found that my pant zip got stuck and would not close. So I pulled out my shirt and covered the folly. I looked like a rag picker in shoes.A christening ceremony was going on in the church. What caught my attention was the name given to the little baby girl. When the priest named her “Renu Sebastian", chiming bells started ringing in my ears. The name RENU echoed in my ears. RENU... RENu... REnu... Renu. ..renu...

Memories of my first love crossed my eyes. I could hear her sweet voice .My eardrums reverberated with her name settling down in sweet harmony. My nostrils could sense the rose petals that adorned her hair.I came home with a heavy heart. Yes I was in tears. My parents saw their only son and knew that he was feeling very low. They did not bother to disturb me.
I went to my room and soaked my pillow with tears. I cried non stop for 28 seconds. Then I got up from my bed and opened the cupboard and took my secret memory box.

I stored all my favorite things in that secret memory box. Still with tears in my eyes, I took a piece of paper and looked at it. A drop of tear fell on the paper.

Yes, it was my first ever love letter. I wrote that love letter for Renu. I wrote the letter on 25-08-1985. I was in kindergarten then. I still have tears in my eyes.



  1. groovy love letter chrissy! me LIKEE =P

  2. @gaya3
    will write one for u too.. in capital letters though

  3. i like the way you wrote the "m"

  4. the hand writing is almost similar during the stoned effect too!

  5. I don't know whether to laugh or to cry... Such is the world...

  6. Alas!!! U made the biggest mistake of ur life by not giving the love letter. :|

  7. dei un alamballuku oru alzave illiya.... jesus irukarathu unnmai na unna summa vida maatarra....

  8. very emotional...


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