Saturday, February 02, 2008

105. Koperunchelvi

It has been three years since I wrote a Love-letter. The last time I wrote a love-letter, I ended up giving the letter to the girl's mother. The story did not end there. The girl's mother's hubby (daddy of the girl) saw the whole incident with his red eyes. I am not going to explain about the repercussions that happened to me that fateful day.

My tryst with love-letters has a long history. I have scripted almost 75 love-letters till date. Around 25 of these were written to help my friends to find their love. The funny weird reality is that all these 25 love-letters have been extremely successful for my friends. But the rest 50 that I scripted for my own love life, all ended in utter disaster.

I remember the days I spent in Pondicherry.I rented a house when I did my engineering in Pondicherry. I fell in love with a girl named Koperunchelvi. She stayed one floor below me. Every morning before going to college, I would catch a glimpse of her. In fact I fell in love with her for her name and not for her beauty. We were a great pair indeed. She was 5 feet 10 inches tall, and she weighed around 80 kilograms. I had nothing to worry about, cos she was all a man like me (I looked like a boy though) could ever have. One day her house was filled with people. Little children were running around, music in the air and old men talking about world peace.I was wearing a towel around my waist after my bath and I happened to see loads of people entering her house. As I was unaware of the reason behind the whole festive spirit in her house, I called one little boy and asked him what was going around. He slapped me and ran away. I became furious and started chasing him. Eventually I ended up inside her house.

There she was sitting right in front of me. She was really beautiful. She looked at me and gave a sheepish smile.Her eyelashes were curvilinear and the way they stuttered made my heart go wild.A few ladies were sitting around her and singing songs.Having an interest towards music I tried to join the singing sessions. The sole reason for me attempting to sing was to get the attention of koperunchelvi.I did not know the words. But still I managed to do a picture perfect lip synchronisation for the song. I knew that she liked my Voice. She saw me through the corner of her eyes. I saw a tear drop welling up in her eyes.I very well knew that she was more happier than me. One of the old ladies went near with a small vessel and took some sandal paste out from the bowl and applied it on her cheeks. Some other ladies followed suit. I wanted to apply some paste too. But being a gentleman with a noble heart, I refrained from doing so.
In the mean time, the little boy who slapped me, came near me and said,"sorry uncle". I knew he told that out of fear. I gently patted him on his back and asked him, the reason behind this whole fun and frolic. He told that he is soon going to have a small baby sister. Then he ran towards Koperunchelvi and hugged her, and turned towards me and shouted at the top of his voice, " Mummy!, That uncle looks like the same skeleton that we have in our biology lab". Now every one were looking at me and I discovered that I was standing amidst them only with my towel around my waist.

Koperunchelvi delivered a baby girl, the very next month.



  1. Oh no..... one more???

    Anyways, God keeps you(us) waiting and gives the best. Won't he?
    He definetly will.

    Patience Chriz, patience...:)))

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