1) Do not open your mouth to yawn while riding behind a lorry, especially if the lorry is loaded with sand. 2) Do not stare at a girl at a restaurant. Chances are that her father might end up staring at you until you quit and leave the restaurant with an empty stomach 3) While decorating the christmas tree, keep your hands dry. If your hands are wet, the short circuit might make you dance like crazy that your pet dog might end up having dysentery after seeing your gyrating performance infront of the christmas tree

4) I met a doctor last week because I had a sore throat. He told me that he was practising for the last 16 years. I wanted to ask the question "If you are still practising even after 16 years, When are you actually gonna start working? . But my brain cells stopped me from asking him such a question when I saw the big injection he had in his hand.

5) Do not eat the sugar coated saunf that is provided in hotels and restaurants as an aftermeal mouth freshner. Chances are that you might be eating lizard shit that is mixed along with it.