PG required - Children below 12 years of age are requested to ask their parents to explain certain parts of this post.Anyways the author is pretty sure that the children would be the ones who would be explaining the hidden meaning in this Adult post

This post is not about my friend Andrew. He has this habit of talking insane topics when no one is interested to listen.No ! I am not gonna write about him.This post is about Branding. The reason behind me pulling Andrew into this topic is mainly due to the fact that he was the first person who opened my eyes to the concept of Branding.We were in College. Those were the days when mobile phones and hi-tech electronic gadgets were not introduced into the market. Every guy in college wanted to be one step ahead of the other guy in one way or another. Different routes and methodologies were adopted by every guys to garner attention. Bikes, Guitar and Apparel were the few things used by the college guys of our era.
In our College there were three guys who used these things to make the babes fall for them. When it came to bikes, it was Surya. He modified his Hero Honda CD-100 bike into a sports bike and the babes went gaga over his bike riding skills. All we guys prayed that he should fall from his bike at least once. But he was way too super cool.He was the man to watch in our college.

Talking about Guitar,it was my turn to take the centre stage. I would always dream about the babes going crazy over my guitar strumming skills. But when ever we performed on stage it was always that Loser-killer drummer who got the attention with his stick-juggling act. I hated him.The girls would just go crazy at him and start screaming. Even when I had the opportunity for a one-on-on date with a girl, I would always end up being screamed at (Not the same sorta screaming that the killer drummer gets) Somewhat I never ended up as the girl's guy in college.
And finally talking about apparels, it was Andrew. He could sweep any girl of her feet and heels with his cool dressing. He always wore super-Branded apparels and beat us all in the trade of dressing up for the occasion. When all we guys used to have two pairs of jeans, he was the only one to wear Lee trousers in college. I am talking about the year 1999. Wearing a Lee jean was something very big then.

We would wear Bata/action shoes and he would always be in Reebok/ Nike. He was the first person who took branding to a new level in college. But one day when I was taking a closer look at his shoe, I figured out that the spelling of the shoe was actually NYKE.(a picture of an original nike shoe is added for viewer delight.)
This discovery made us to probe further and soon we figured all his jeans had the spelling Leee. We were very happy for our discovery and we soon announced it to every girl in college. A flower was nipped in the bud.

Branding has its plus points and in some cases it even pulls in political insurgence. In Russia a very popular American condom was banned. The name of the brand was PUT-IN condom. It was Vladimir PUTIN who was heading the government and hence the condom was driven out of the country.

The best case of innocent bargaining power of the consumer is that of Ben Johnson's. I hope everyone would remember his world record beating run in the 100 metres in the Seoul Olympics.He Shocked Carl Lewis and the entire world with that run in 9.79 seconds( The author of this blog takes time to blow his own trumpet now. He still holds his college record for running 100 metres in 11 seconds flat)
Coming back to Ben Johnson,he was disqualified and his record was scratched off because his urine samples contained Stanozolol ( A performance enhancing drug). The Olympic committee did not even give Big Ben a Chance to plead for innocence. But I take this opportunity to voice my support for Big Ben after two decades.

The Real Ben Story ( Explored and Discovered by Chronicwriter):

Two months prior to the race in the Seoul Olympics, Big Ben and his wife were on the verge of a break up. Big Ben's sexual performance was in question. Just to prove her wrong, he took to performance enhancing drugs to save his marriage. Little did he know that he was misled by the pharmacist. At least my readers now know that Big Ben is innocent.