Saturday, December 29, 2007

96. Nine Neighbours

I work in one of the most happening environments around. My work place gives me an everyday reason to give the best i can. My role at work involves a lot of talking and seldom do I sit calm in one place and hence I enjoy the work I do. I interact with nine people on a daily basis and I am very familiar with their traits because they are my neigbours for almost two years now.All nine are different characters and I always wanted to write something about them for a long time.I am not using their names because they asked me not to use their names. So for easy identification, I have used names that suit them the most. Before reading any further, I request my blog readers to look at this picture for a while to have a clear idea of what I have in store for the nine neighbours and for myself in this post.

My work timings are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. I reach office at 8.20 am because I use the official conveyance facility.There would not be a single soul around till 8.30 and I would be so bored that I would resort to sleeping till 8.30 am.

By 8.30 am, the cute girl makes her entry. She uses Hugo Boss and she has a magnetic effect on me. Her smell(scent) wakes me up every day.She is usually found in Kurta tops and a pair of denim trousers. She beats me up in the trouser wearing business. I had worn a jean for eleven straight days without washing it in my college days. But the cute girl goes on for three weeks without washing her pants. Now you would be knowing the reason behind the Hugo Boss effect.She smiles at me somedays and she frowns at me all the other days. I could never come to a conclusion on whats on her head on seeing her expressions.

By 9 am, pretty girl, girl with attitude and good looking girl make their entry to work.Pretty girl is a real pretty girl because she never wears any makeup. Infact she doesnot need one. The girl with attitude however dips herself in coats and coats of paint and to make me feel inferior, she wears a four inch heel and dwarfs me with her stature. On such occasions, I beat her by round and square by standing on top of my desk. So half of the time I would be seen standing on my desk.The good looking girl does not look good.She got that name because she is good in looking at others. Half of the time I catch her oggling at the species of the opposite gender of hers. But she disagrees and swears on me that she never oggled.

10 am is the time for very beautiful girl and girl with sweet voice to make their appearance.Very beautiful girl is the reason behind me having neck sprains every now and then. Because of her , I spend most of my office hours staring at her and not at my desktop.Call it my bad luck, I end up being caught by her almost every time I make an effort to admire her beauty. The girl with sweet voice sits behind me and I can hear her type the keyboard and she has a rythmic pattern in playing with the keys. She knows that I have a weak heart for girls with sweet voices and so she sings most of the time. I even drilled a hole in the wooden plank that separates our cubicles to have a clear clarity of her sweet voice. Mostly I would be looking at her through the hole instead of listening to her voice with my ears.For a change,two weeks back I placed my ears to listen to her voice. She poked my ears with a pointed pen.I still have the scar on my ears. Good that I did not look through the hole.Now she has covered the hole by pasting a picture on that plank.

11 am is the time for married aunty to make her presence felt at work.She has short hair and she is the advice queen at work place. She spoils my good boy image at workplace and tortures me by callin me names. I am putting up with her all this while because she has a beautiful daughter.

11.30 am is the time when the pendulum swings far away from me because that is the exact time when Mr.Always farting guy shows up.He smells like Uncle sams dirty pig. Even my college room-mate's dirty towel had a better smell than his aerated performa.He has a very good habit of exploding without any sound and when ever he launches a missile, all the girls stare at me as if I am the culprit. Why did God make it colourless? If only he made it colorful, his cubicle would have been the most colourful cubicle at my workplace.



  1. my god, you're MEAN! =D no wonder the ladies think you're the farter.

  2. haha....
    guess ur neighbours are online!!

  3. thats too bad chriz.. you shouldn't be doing such things on ur blog. U forgot that People from ur company read this Blog? else you could have done that!!

  4. gaya3

    why should they think that way?

  5. @thomas
    yes. they are. they all read this

  6. @santosh
    written with their consent.. hehe..

  7. You are so mean... Does your colleague read your post man?
    Pity Them....But thanks for all the smiling tears you braought

  8. @honey
    yes they read my posts.. infact i have heir permission for writing this stuff. haha..

  9. aha!so am not the only one who is in the habit of bitching... :P


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