Thursday, December 20, 2007

95. God is good all the time

When I was a baby, I was a hyper active kid.The reason for this post is just to reminisce on the vast contrast that history has had its toll on me.This post is about two major incidents that happened in my life that changed my entire perception on my take on life. The first incident happened when I was two years of age and the second incident took place when I was twenty.

Till I was two years of age, my parents were very much concerned because I did not even utter a single word but for the occassional cries for hunger. I never used to eat that much and that still shows in my gigantic stature. Just when they lost all hope that their son would speak, their futuristic thoughts about me received another jolt, when the hyper active devil within me made me do the unthinkable.

I was very naughty that fateful day that I covered my face with a bag and jumped from one platform to the other. The result: I was not spiderman then, Nor I was the superman. So I landed on a stone with a DTS background effect and that resulted in my tongue getting cut and falling out of my mouth. Two major operations on my tongue and one more year of calmness made lives a living hell for everyone in my family. But when I was three years of age I started speaking. Then I made their life a living hell indeed with my non stop yapping. I still thank god for his abundant blessings and the voice he has given me.

Many a times when someone comes and wishes me that I have a wonderful voice, the pride cells start working and I would often travel to cloud number 9.But When I think about the wonderful miracle that he has performed on me I am thankful for the blessings he has showered on me. So when ever I use foul language, it hurts deep with in.( excuse me for getting a little emotional).

The second incident happened when I was twenty years of age. My love for dancing took me to places where I could exhibit my dancing skills to one and all and win accolades and appreciation. The vices killed me and soon I was sinning big time. I was living in a world of my own. Even after I was warned lot of times by folks at home, I still continued in my own ways. On one such occassion , I chose the wrong place to practise my steps. It happened to be the loo at my place. I was performing the moon walk and a perfect 720 degree spin when I landed in the wrong place and as a result I lost my achilles tendon.It took me one whole year to walk. After a year when I walked without a limp, it baffled the doctors because they thought that I would be limping throughout my life.God works in his own way. After that Incident, the dance performance chances that I have had so far has always come in a good way. When ever personal pride takes its toll on me and I consider myself to be great, these two scars (the one on my tongue and the one on my right leg) remind me that it is indeed God's amazing grace that is working on me and I am not really worth the praise. Glory ,Honor and Praise be ye to God alone.



  1. ... And all the time God is good!
    Praise the Lord.

  2. amazing post.. its been ages since I have been here on your blog..
    man!u have changed! I loved this post!
    You shud post more of such stuff! :)

  3. Lucky you.. GOD is great else the world would have surely missed a great dancer and singer :)

  4. Nice post...... and yes, God has his own way of mending us!! Praise the Lord!

  5. Amazing post just reminded me of a lotta things i shuld be thanking Him for.. :)

  6. yeah... God is good to every 1 on earth!!! Jus that some of us realise it early... The rest later...:)

  7. @clement anna
    sometimes personal praise eludes me.. yes you are right ..

  8. @gomz
    been a while indeed dood. welkum back..

  9. @santosh
    hehe. thank you
    time for me to enter you blog comment page

  10. @may
    yes praise his name
    yes.. thank you for visiting my page
    welkum to my blog. thank you for hopping in

  11. yeah...No eye has seen, no ear has heard,no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him..
    That was amazing!!Praise God! :)

  12. its always good to count ur blesssing.. :)
    reading all ur incident give me hope ..
    i hope i get well soon too and start dancing..

  13. praise the lord!
    well there is a post on how god led me my blog as well..!!

  14. God is Good.... all the time.... no wonder why your blog rocks.... i am always reading ur blog, as its getting intresting day by day......

  15. You take klutziness to amazing level :)

    And indeed its god's grace :)

  16. mama i guess better i ll go to church tomo


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