Sunday, December 16, 2007

94. December Radio- 25.12 fm

December Radio is the name which evolved when my big dream with revelational Raagaa burst before it was launched. The band has started with just three members(The band will have three more members by the 20th of this month). Thomas, Jeremy and I make the present trio. (This Jeremy is not my nephew)

Thomas is a wonderful Guy who plays the Bass guitar with great efficiency. I met him in a prayer fellowship last year. Similar experiences in our past and similarities in our behavior made us instant mates. When we floated the idea of starting a new band, Thomas gave me lot of ideas and finally we have a band and we have indeed started performing. Thomas is working as a Quality Analyst in a very well known IT firm.

Jeremy is the pillar of December Radio. He romances with the strings. It is indeed a treat to watch him play the six strings. When I first saw him a year back, he appeared to me as the Indianised version of Slash; with his long hair and chiseled looks. He works as a software Engineer. Now the long hair has disappeared.

Our first performance took place in the church where I worship on Dec-02-2007. It was also the same day that Revelational Raagaa was supposed to do its first performance. December Radio was indeed a blessing in disguise for us and acted as the best answer for the RR mishap.Our voices matched well and the accompaniments synched well too. The song we selected for the performance was “Saviour’s Day”. Glory, Honor and praise be ye to GOD alone.

"Saviour's Day"
Now we have been through the harvest
Winter has truly begun
Now we have walked in the chill of the night
We are waiting for, waiting for
For the saviour's day

Many have come from the valleys
Many have come from the hills
Many have started their journey home
To be with someone with someone
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day

Here's to the god of the present
Here's to the god of the past
Here's to the hope in the future he brings
We will sing to him, sing to him
On the savior's day

Joining the old and the young ones
Joining the black and the white
Meeting the need of the hungry is he
We will ever remember him
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day- Scale Change ->

- Chronicwriter


  1. Hi Chris
    I came to your blog through your orkut account.I saw your performance in Church for the carols service and our team has become your instant fans.We are still talking about your expressions and your rocking voice. When is your next performance?
    TC Pal

  2. heyy buddy boy...
    Let's try out wht Jeremy said...

    continue it from Jan to Nov too :D

  3. So beautiful words.. Good luck and have fun!!

  4. @sandy
    thank you

    @ tina
    well thank you very much. and i know you machi. so no more pranks on me.

  5. @jenin
    vaadaaaa maapillai.. welum to india.. come up with lots of japanese stories. wud love to hear from u soon.. esp the toilet stories

  6. @thomas
    we will rock..
    we need ta pracise more..

  7. @swati
    welkum to my blog. thank you for the wishes and yea, very gud words.

  8. All the best man, havent seen u by my page lately??

    We are doing Saviour's day for carol nite in our church. Like the arrangement for it. Heard the Cliff Richard's version.

  9. You gave it right..for a second I was thinking about your nephew Jeremy:)
    All the best with your band !!!


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