Sunday, December 30, 2007

97. December Radio on 25-12-2007

This is one of the performances by December Radio. The video is an amatuer version and hence please do not blame the author for improper mixing of the voices and the instruments.Two songs are compressed in this video
1) Savior's Day
2) What Child is this?

Watch it at your own risk.

Chriz- Vocals
Andrew- Lead strings
Anu - Rhythm Guitar and backup vocals.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

96. Nine Neighbours

I work in one of the most happening environments around. My work place gives me an everyday reason to give the best i can. My role at work involves a lot of talking and seldom do I sit calm in one place and hence I enjoy the work I do. I interact with nine people on a daily basis and I am very familiar with their traits because they are my neigbours for almost two years now.All nine are different characters and I always wanted to write something about them for a long time.I am not using their names because they asked me not to use their names. So for easy identification, I have used names that suit them the most. Before reading any further, I request my blog readers to look at this picture for a while to have a clear idea of what I have in store for the nine neighbours and for myself in this post.

My work timings are 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. I reach office at 8.20 am because I use the official conveyance facility.There would not be a single soul around till 8.30 and I would be so bored that I would resort to sleeping till 8.30 am.

By 8.30 am, the cute girl makes her entry. She uses Hugo Boss and she has a magnetic effect on me. Her smell(scent) wakes me up every day.She is usually found in Kurta tops and a pair of denim trousers. She beats me up in the trouser wearing business. I had worn a jean for eleven straight days without washing it in my college days. But the cute girl goes on for three weeks without washing her pants. Now you would be knowing the reason behind the Hugo Boss effect.She smiles at me somedays and she frowns at me all the other days. I could never come to a conclusion on whats on her head on seeing her expressions.

By 9 am, pretty girl, girl with attitude and good looking girl make their entry to work.Pretty girl is a real pretty girl because she never wears any makeup. Infact she doesnot need one. The girl with attitude however dips herself in coats and coats of paint and to make me feel inferior, she wears a four inch heel and dwarfs me with her stature. On such occasions, I beat her by round and square by standing on top of my desk. So half of the time I would be seen standing on my desk.The good looking girl does not look good.She got that name because she is good in looking at others. Half of the time I catch her oggling at the species of the opposite gender of hers. But she disagrees and swears on me that she never oggled.

10 am is the time for very beautiful girl and girl with sweet voice to make their appearance.Very beautiful girl is the reason behind me having neck sprains every now and then. Because of her , I spend most of my office hours staring at her and not at my desktop.Call it my bad luck, I end up being caught by her almost every time I make an effort to admire her beauty. The girl with sweet voice sits behind me and I can hear her type the keyboard and she has a rythmic pattern in playing with the keys. She knows that I have a weak heart for girls with sweet voices and so she sings most of the time. I even drilled a hole in the wooden plank that separates our cubicles to have a clear clarity of her sweet voice. Mostly I would be looking at her through the hole instead of listening to her voice with my ears.For a change,two weeks back I placed my ears to listen to her voice. She poked my ears with a pointed pen.I still have the scar on my ears. Good that I did not look through the hole.Now she has covered the hole by pasting a picture on that plank.

11 am is the time for married aunty to make her presence felt at work.She has short hair and she is the advice queen at work place. She spoils my good boy image at workplace and tortures me by callin me names. I am putting up with her all this while because she has a beautiful daughter.

11.30 am is the time when the pendulum swings far away from me because that is the exact time when Mr.Always farting guy shows up.He smells like Uncle sams dirty pig. Even my college room-mate's dirty towel had a better smell than his aerated performa.He has a very good habit of exploding without any sound and when ever he launches a missile, all the girls stare at me as if I am the culprit. Why did God make it colourless? If only he made it colorful, his cubicle would have been the most colourful cubicle at my workplace.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

95. God is good all the time

When I was a baby, I was a hyper active kid.The reason for this post is just to reminisce on the vast contrast that history has had its toll on me.This post is about two major incidents that happened in my life that changed my entire perception on my take on life. The first incident happened when I was two years of age and the second incident took place when I was twenty.

Till I was two years of age, my parents were very much concerned because I did not even utter a single word but for the occassional cries for hunger. I never used to eat that much and that still shows in my gigantic stature. Just when they lost all hope that their son would speak, their futuristic thoughts about me received another jolt, when the hyper active devil within me made me do the unthinkable.

I was very naughty that fateful day that I covered my face with a bag and jumped from one platform to the other. The result: I was not spiderman then, Nor I was the superman. So I landed on a stone with a DTS background effect and that resulted in my tongue getting cut and falling out of my mouth. Two major operations on my tongue and one more year of calmness made lives a living hell for everyone in my family. But when I was three years of age I started speaking. Then I made their life a living hell indeed with my non stop yapping. I still thank god for his abundant blessings and the voice he has given me.

Many a times when someone comes and wishes me that I have a wonderful voice, the pride cells start working and I would often travel to cloud number 9.But When I think about the wonderful miracle that he has performed on me I am thankful for the blessings he has showered on me. So when ever I use foul language, it hurts deep with in.( excuse me for getting a little emotional).

The second incident happened when I was twenty years of age. My love for dancing took me to places where I could exhibit my dancing skills to one and all and win accolades and appreciation. The vices killed me and soon I was sinning big time. I was living in a world of my own. Even after I was warned lot of times by folks at home, I still continued in my own ways. On one such occassion , I chose the wrong place to practise my steps. It happened to be the loo at my place. I was performing the moon walk and a perfect 720 degree spin when I landed in the wrong place and as a result I lost my achilles tendon.It took me one whole year to walk. After a year when I walked without a limp, it baffled the doctors because they thought that I would be limping throughout my life.God works in his own way. After that Incident, the dance performance chances that I have had so far has always come in a good way. When ever personal pride takes its toll on me and I consider myself to be great, these two scars (the one on my tongue and the one on my right leg) remind me that it is indeed God's amazing grace that is working on me and I am not really worth the praise. Glory ,Honor and Praise be ye to God alone.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

94. December Radio- 25.12 fm

December Radio is the name which evolved when my big dream with revelational Raagaa burst before it was launched. The band has started with just three members(The band will have three more members by the 20th of this month). Thomas, Jeremy and I make the present trio. (This Jeremy is not my nephew)

Thomas is a wonderful Guy who plays the Bass guitar with great efficiency. I met him in a prayer fellowship last year. Similar experiences in our past and similarities in our behavior made us instant mates. When we floated the idea of starting a new band, Thomas gave me lot of ideas and finally we have a band and we have indeed started performing. Thomas is working as a Quality Analyst in a very well known IT firm.

Jeremy is the pillar of December Radio. He romances with the strings. It is indeed a treat to watch him play the six strings. When I first saw him a year back, he appeared to me as the Indianised version of Slash; with his long hair and chiseled looks. He works as a software Engineer. Now the long hair has disappeared.

Our first performance took place in the church where I worship on Dec-02-2007. It was also the same day that Revelational Raagaa was supposed to do its first performance. December Radio was indeed a blessing in disguise for us and acted as the best answer for the RR mishap.Our voices matched well and the accompaniments synched well too. The song we selected for the performance was “Saviour’s Day”. Glory, Honor and praise be ye to GOD alone.

"Saviour's Day"
Now we have been through the harvest
Winter has truly begun
Now we have walked in the chill of the night
We are waiting for, waiting for
For the saviour's day

Many have come from the valleys
Many have come from the hills
Many have started their journey home
To be with someone with someone
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day

Here's to the god of the present
Here's to the god of the past
Here's to the hope in the future he brings
We will sing to him, sing to him
On the savior's day

Joining the old and the young ones
Joining the black and the white
Meeting the need of the hungry is he
We will ever remember him
On the saviour's day

Open your eyes on saviour's day
Don't look back or turn away
Life can be yours if you'll only stay
He is calling you, calling you
On the saviours day- Scale Change ->

- Chronicwriter

Sunday, December 09, 2007

93. When client presentations go wrong

How many of us have gone through experiences where we made ourselves look like clowns in front of our clients? I always considered myself to be an expert presenter.But overconfidence kills everyone. It happened to me too. I was in Mumbai last october for a product presentation for one of the leading air carriers of our nation.

The presentation started as usual. Considering my expertise in this domain and the numerous presentations that I have done, I was at my awesome best on that day. The presentation lasted for three hours. It had the usual humour and the business-technical details embedded in it. I was really glad that I had done a perfect job. Just when it seemed like a cake-walk in the green-park for me,thunder and lightening came in the form of a simple question from a gorgeous blonde lady. The question appeared to me like a juicy full toss. But little did I know that it was a beemer aimed at my Adam's apple.

I answered her question with ease and gave her a professional smile and when she gave a dirty stare,I realised my folly. Instead of saying " The ETL tool is packed with the DW and the additional interface support can be customised according to the circumstance", I ended up saying " The ETL tool is packed with the DW and the additional interface support can be circumsized according to the custom"


92.I divorced Hunney


I first met her in the summer of 2005. She was a shining black bike then.Highly tuned with a shorter handle, she exactly knew what I wanted from her. I have gone on several dates with her to lonely places. Sometimes she was considerate enough to allow a third person to spice up our dates. More than 100 souls have travelled with me and hunney never ever complained. She has travelled the entire length and breadth of Kerala along with me. Munnar, Athirampalli, Calicut, Cochin, Trissur,Kottayam, Trivandrum; She knows all the roads of God's Own country.As they say every romance has to end one day my romance with Hunney also ended last sunday.Dunno why she got fed up of me; She eloped with someone else.I still love her. But I had to take the extreme decision of divorcing her. She was married to me according to Motor vehicles act of India. I Divorced her this friday owing to unavoidable circumstances. May you live longer with your new found love. God bless.


Friday, December 07, 2007

91. Hunney is gone.

That is how I call her. She was with me for two and a half years.
Last sunday she left me.
Some good soul needed it for his/her usage and stole my hunney.
Running around to find my lost bike has pulled me out of the blogging world for a while.
She is just a splendor bike. But she is my Allen Cathcart and my Harley.
I miss you hunney.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

90. Suzanne's Movie Project - Climax

Read Part 1 of this story for the pre-interval session of this movie project of a colleague of mine.

The Climax

Suzanne/IBS (4:12 PM) there?
Chriz/IBS (4:12 PM) yes
Chriz/IBS (4:12 PM) ready now
Suzanne/IBS (4:13 PM) yepperdido
Chriz/IBS (4:13 PM) start action camera
Suzanne/IBS (4:13 PM) then our next scene is in the training room
Suzanne/IBS (4:13 PM) we see this rooster trainer Roos Lee
Suzanne/IBS (4:13 PM) training our Henrietta
Suzanne/IBS (4:14 PM) he makes her hit punching bags
Suzanne/IBS (4:14 PM) she is made to do push ups
Chriz/IBS (4:14 PM) she has only two limbs
Chriz/IBS (4:14 PM) how did she do push ups?
Suzanne/IBS (4:14 PM) so?
Suzanne/IBS (4:14 PM) well she is a determined chicken
Chriz/IBS (4:15 PM) still how?
Suzanne/IBS (4:15 PM) u must understand how important her goal is for her
Chriz/IBS (4:15 PM) was that a big road? a six lane?
Suzanne/IBS (4:15 PM) hmmm yea
Suzanne/IBS (4:15 PM) ok
Suzanne/IBS (4:15 PM) she is made to do sit ups
Suzanne/IBS (4:16 PM) no need push ups
Suzanne/IBS (4:16 PM) and every day she does this
Suzanne/IBS (4:16 PM) and while she does this
Suzanne/IBS (4:16 PM) there is a song
Chriz/IBS (4:17 PM) oh
Chriz/IBS (4:17 PM) thats gud
Chriz/IBS (4:17 PM) but that sounds like ABBA's song
Suzanne/IBS (4:18 PM) that is chiquitita
Chriz/IBS (4:18 PM) phonetic similarity. wont they sue us?
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) hmmm
Chriz/IBS (4:19 PM) btw Did roose lee have six packs?
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) yea
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) and he was 40 plus too
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) he is 40 plus
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) sorry
Chriz/IBS (4:19 PM) just like srk?
Suzanne/IBS (4:19 PM) yep
Chriz/IBS (4:20 PM) then shall we have some other song?
Suzanne/IBS (4:20 PM) he did pain e disco
Suzanne/IBS (4:20 PM) he is english
Suzanne/IBS (4:20 PM) doesnt knwo hindi
Chriz/IBS (4:20 PM) are we gonna inject steroids into henreita's body?
Suzanne/IBS (4:20 PM) NO
Suzanne/IBS (4:20 PM) this is a clean gud chicken with a good aim
Chriz/IBS (4:21 PM) tastes good?
Suzanne/IBS (4:21 PM) yea mayb
Chriz/IBS (4:21 PM) but i thought she was alive
Suzanne/IBS (4:21 PM) but no
Suzanne/IBS (4:21 PM) we wont eat her until after the story
Suzanne/IBS (4:21 PM) well... where was i
Suzanne/IBS (4:22 PM) so one day... while henrietta is runnin on the treadmill
Suzanne/IBS (4:22 PM) Roos Lee asks her y does she want 2 achieve this dream
Suzanne/IBS (4:22 PM) she tells him abt her dad
Chriz/IBS (4:23 PM) sit ups or tread mill?
Chriz/IBS (4:23 PM) how much calories burnt per day?
Suzanne/IBS (4:23 PM) she is working out
Suzanne/IBS (4:23 PM) strengthening up
Chriz/IBS (4:24 PM) how are we gonna show the pre-exercise henreita and the post-exercise henreita?
Suzanne/IBS (4:24 PM) we need not show
Chriz/IBS (4:24 PM) are we gonna ask her to dance in a bikini with tanned up skin?
Suzanne/IBS (4:24 PM) H-E-N-R-I-E-T-T-A
Suzanne/IBS (4:25 PM) not henreita
Suzanne/IBS (4:25 PM) no we cant ask her 2 dance
Chriz/IBS (4:25 PM) thats gud.. you are a good listener.. keep it up
Suzanne/IBS (4:25 PM) the censor board wudnt like it
Chriz/IBS (4:25 PM) now continue with the story
Suzanne/IBS (4:25 PM) k
Chriz/IBS (4:25 PM) we will bribe the censor board
Suzanne/IBS (4:25 PM) no the chicken censor board is still strong
Chriz/IBS (4:26 PM) even the name of the male of the species of the chicken community has to pass thru a censor clearance... so never mind
Suzanne/IBS (4:26 PM) yea?
Suzanne/IBS (4:26 PM) well yea
Chriz/IBS (4:27 PM) dunno. as you know i am innocent
Chriz/IBS (4:27 PM) now dont get lost in decoding my words....
Chriz/IBS (4:27 PM) continue with the story
Suzanne/IBS (4:28 PM) yea so where was i
Suzanne/IBS (4:28 PM) yea she tells him
Suzanne/IBS (4:28 PM) and he is in awe
Suzanne/IBS (4:29 PM) at a little chicken's dream
Suzanne/IBS (4:29 PM) of crossing the highway
Suzanne/IBS (4:29 PM) he asks more abt her dad and she tells
Suzanne/IBS (4:29 PM) when he hears who her dad is
Suzanne/IBS (4:29 PM) he tells that her dad used 2 b his role model
Chriz/IBS (4:30 PM) was he the one who killed her dad?
Suzanne/IBS (4:30 PM) NO
Chriz/IBS (4:30 PM) or was the gym instructor the actual dad of henrietta
Suzanne/IBS (4:30 PM) Roos Lee does not kill her dad
Suzanne/IBS (4:30 PM) or did not
Chriz/IBS (4:31 PM) does henrietta have a crush on lee?
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) seeing her determination he admires her
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) NO
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) Lee begins liking her
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) but Henrietta has only one dream,
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) dream
Chriz/IBS (4:31 PM) fatherly affection or the cheenie kum types?
Suzanne/IBS (4:31 PM) cheeni kum
Chriz/IBS (4:32 PM) so what about introducing a song here
Suzanne/IBS (4:32 PM) no we already put 2 many songs
Suzanne/IBS (4:32 PM) that'll spoil the movie
Chriz/IBS (4:32 PM) is it?
Suzanne/IBS (4:32 PM) yeaaa
Chriz/IBS (4:32 PM) the producer has to worry abt this.
Chriz/IBS (4:32 PM) r u producing this movie too?
Suzanne/IBS (4:33 PM) hmmm yea
Suzanne/IBS (4:33 PM) so i get 2 decide
Suzanne/IBS (4:33 PM) but Roos Lee does not say anything 2 her
Suzanne/IBS (4:33 PM) and keeps it all inside
Chriz/IBS (4:33 PM) was he shy?
Suzanne/IBS (4:33 PM) nope
Suzanne/IBS (4:34 PM) but he knew she was not interested
Chriz/IBS (4:34 PM) keeps what inside?
Suzanne/IBS (4:34 PM) his feelings
Chriz/IBS (4:34 PM) mental constipation?
Suzanne/IBS (4:34 PM) kinda
Suzanne/IBS (4:34 PM) dont picture it like that
Chriz/IBS (4:35 PM) do we have an item number?
Chriz/IBS (4:35 PM) our audiences would prefer that
Suzanne/IBS (4:35 PM) yea after sum time
Suzanne/IBS (4:36 PM) then Henrietta's step mom comes 2 knw abt her going 2 the training institute
Chriz/IBS (4:36 PM) is she a gud mom or bad mom?
Suzanne/IBS (4:36 PM) ok ok mom
Chriz/IBS (4:36 PM) as in?
Suzanne/IBS (4:36 PM) u listen and decide for urself
Suzanne/IBS (4:37 PM) and one day when Henrietta is abt 2 get out of the hse
Suzanne/IBS (4:37 PM) she stops her and slaps her silly
Chriz/IBS (4:37 PM) HSE?
Suzanne/IBS (4:37 PM) house
Chriz/IBS (4:37 PM) oh... gud that you told that..
Suzanne/IBS (4:37 PM) y?
Chriz/IBS (4:38 PM) i thought it was an acronym for H____ S___ E__
Chriz/IBS (4:38 PM) what happened to the movie now?
Chriz/IBS (4:39 PM) are we having two intervals?
Suzanne/IBS (4:42 PM) noo
Suzanne/IBS (4:42 PM) i went 2 clarify abt a bug
Chriz/IBS (4:42 PM) here we call it the loo break
Suzanne/IBS (4:42 PM) what is H__ S__ E___?
Chriz/IBS (4:42 PM) i dunno
Suzanne/IBS (4:43 PM) if it's bad dont tell me
Chriz/IBS (4:43 PM) even if it is good, am not telling you
Suzanne/IBS (4:43 PM) k
Chriz/IBS (4:44 PM) High School excursion
Suzanne/IBS (4:44 PM) the step mama tells her abt how stupid her dream is
Suzanne/IBS (4:44 PM) what
Chriz/IBS (4:44 PM) i just made it up
Chriz/IBS (4:44 PM) who is the villain?
Suzanne/IBS (4:44 PM) bcoz of this dream that she lost her husband, that is, Henrietta's dad
Suzanne/IBS (4:44 PM) suspense
Chriz/IBS (4:45 PM) suspense was a boy or a girl chicken
Suzanne/IBS (4:45 PM) ill tell u
Chriz/IBS (4:45 PM) or was it an OTHER chicken?
Suzanne/IBS (4:45 PM) we r coming close
Chriz/IBS (4:45 PM) no! you stay there itself
Chriz/IBS (4:45 PM) i am a responsible professional
Suzanne/IBS (4:45 PM) No
Suzanne/IBS (4:45 PM) we r coming close 2 the end of the story u dum dum
Chriz/IBS (4:46 PM) oh.. ok..
Suzanne/IBS (4:46 PM) her Spanish mama starts crying
Chriz/IBS (4:46 PM) dum = hunk?
Suzanne/IBS (4:46 PM) and Henrietta consoles her
Suzanne/IBS (4:46 PM) and tells her that her dream will come true
Chriz/IBS (4:46 PM) so she doesntgo for gymming after that?
Suzanne/IBS (4:46 PM) no she does
Suzanne/IBS (4:46 PM) she is still determined
Chriz/IBS (4:47 PM) whose dream? her mom also had a dream?
Suzanne/IBS (4:47 PM) nuthing stops her
Suzanne/IBS (4:47 PM) no Henrietta's dream
Suzanne/IBS (4:47 PM) this movie is all abt her dream
Chriz/IBS (4:47 PM) then why is she still dreaming.. why doesnot she just run across the road?
Chriz/IBS (4:47 PM) btw , what is teh name of the movie?
Suzanne/IBS (4:48 PM) i thought it was obvoius when i told u the story
Chriz/IBS (4:48 PM) did you?
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) i thought the title was different.
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) u wanna change it
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) we can
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) yes
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) but after the movie
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) chicken bririyani
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) how is that?
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) b4 i 4get the suspense
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) no
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) WE CAN?
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) we need something diff
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) artist
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) am i also a co-director?
Chriz/IBS (4:49 PM) we?
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) nah
Suzanne/IBS (4:49 PM) u help in publicity by puttin gin ur blog
Chriz/IBS (4:50 PM) am i also getting my share of rotten tomatoes?
Suzanne/IBS (4:50 PM) yea
Suzanne/IBS (4:50 PM) definitely
Suzanne/IBS (4:50 PM) im generous
Chriz/IBS (4:50 PM) but what is teh crowd likes the movie and wants to hug you?
Chriz/IBS (4:51 PM) what IF the....?
Suzanne/IBS (4:51 PM) then u take all the hugs
Suzanne/IBS (4:51 PM) i dun want any
Chriz/IBS (4:52 PM) i'd take the hugs only from girls...
Chriz/IBS (4:52 PM) you take the rest( boys and others )
Suzanne/IBS (4:52 PM) k whatever
Chriz/IBS (4:53 PM) come back to the story now.. dont start dreaming...
Suzanne/IBS (4:53 PM) k
Suzanne/IBS (4:54 PM) one day while training Roos Lee tells her she's ready now
Chriz/IBS (4:54 PM) her mom cried.. but still our lady is determined...
Suzanne/IBS (4:54 PM) yea
Chriz/IBS (4:54 PM) ready for what? are not we gonna confuse the audience? cos he has a thing for her...
Suzanne/IBS (4:54 PM) Roos Lee tells her she's ready 2 cross the highway
Chriz/IBS (4:54 PM) oh.. let us be more specific
Suzanne/IBS (4:55 PM) specific?
Chriz/IBS (4:55 PM) That she is ready to cross the road
Suzanne/IBS (4:55 PM) but we r running out of time
Chriz/IBS (4:55 PM) she can use the zebra crossing
Suzanne/IBS (4:55 PM) and u have 2 go by 5:30
Suzanne/IBS (4:55 PM) o ok
Chriz/IBS (4:56 PM) yes... thats true... atleast we have to maintain atleast the exit time
Chriz/IBS (4:56 PM) ic ant maintain the entry time... 8.30 am often becomes 10.30 am..
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) and so our Henrietta goes to teh side of the highway again
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) now she's a confident chicken
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) but suddenly she remebers teh horror of last time
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) she shudders
Chriz/IBS (4:57 PM) did she attend john's training session on confident boosters?
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) john?
Chriz/IBS (4:57 PM) our trainer
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) ohhh
Suzanne/IBS (4:57 PM) no
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) how long are you working here ?
Suzanne/IBS (4:58 PM) her trainer is Roos Lee
Suzanne/IBS (4:58 PM) how long means?
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) roos is her physical trainer
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) john can be her mental trainer
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) cos u dont even know our john..
Suzanne/IBS (4:58 PM) no Roos is her all in all trainer
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) i dint mean the loo!!!
Chriz/IBS (4:58 PM) ok
Suzanne/IBS (4:59 PM) what?
Suzanne/IBS (4:59 PM) so she stands at the end of the road
Suzanne/IBS (4:59 PM) and she remembers how her dad died
Suzanne/IBS (4:59 PM) and she shakes
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) but then she remembers her dad's words
Chriz/IBS (5:00 PM) what was she doing when her dad died?
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) 5 min... 5 min
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) she was in high school
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) had chem lab exam
Chriz/IBS (5:00 PM) did she copy in her experiments?
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) nope
Suzanne/IBS (5:00 PM) she was a nice chicken
Chriz/IBS (5:01 PM) Na2 SO4
Chriz/IBS (5:01 PM) H2SO4
Chriz/IBS (5:01 PM) CH2=cH2
Suzanne/IBS (5:01 PM) u were gud in chem i can c
Chriz/IBS (5:01 PM) i am just showing off that i know all these stuff in chemistry cos i am gonna post this in my blog
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) yea
Chriz/IBS (5:02 PM) now stop admiring my chemistry skills and continue with ur story
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) so
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) as she is about 2 cross
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) she remembers her dad's words
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) 5 min... 5 min
Chriz/IBS (5:02 PM) what did he say?
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) if for 5 min u give it ur all
Suzanne/IBS (5:02 PM) then even God wont take it back from u
Chriz/IBS (5:03 PM) can we use amitabh bachan's voice for her dad's last words?
Suzanne/IBS (5:03 PM) :-)
Suzanne/IBS (5:03 PM) k
Chriz/IBS (5:03 PM) did you steal this dialogue from the movie DON?
Chriz/IBS (5:03 PM) or shud we use usha udhupth's voice
Chriz/IBS (5:03 PM) or your voice?
Chriz/IBS (5:03 PM) all three have close integrations
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) NO
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) i stole it from chak de india
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) not DON
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) and as she gets ready
Chriz/IBS (5:04 PM) some srk movie...
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) she sees her step sister coming close by 2 wish her luck
Suzanne/IBS (5:04 PM) Good luck
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) she says
Chriz/IBS (5:05 PM) what is her step sister's name?
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) and pushes Henrietta to the road
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) Henrietta is caught off guard
Chriz/IBS (5:05 PM) i asked her sister's anme
Chriz/IBS (5:05 PM) name!
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) Jennifer Lopez
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) Sorry
Suzanne/IBS (5:05 PM) Hennifer
Suzanne/IBS (5:06 PM) thats better
Chriz/IBS (5:06 PM) but that sounds more like latin
Suzanne/IBS (5:06 PM) yea
Suzanne/IBS (5:06 PM) well we r at the climax
Chriz/IBS (5:06 PM) she is spanish .
Chriz/IBS (5:06 PM) so can we have something like panchez vicario
Suzanne/IBS (5:06 PM) nooo
Suzanne/IBS (5:06 PM) it's HENnifer
Chriz/IBS (5:07 PM) ok as you say.. anyways the movie is not gonna run.. so who cares?
Suzanne/IBS (5:07 PM) k
Chriz/IBS (5:07 PM) now finish the story
Suzanne/IBS (5:07 PM) and she is pushed onto the road
Suzanne/IBS (5:07 PM) nobody saw that she was pushed
Chriz/IBS (5:08 PM) so it was a muder well planned!!!
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) and her step sister smiles the villainy smile
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) mmuder?
Chriz/IBS (5:08 PM) her step sister had a crush on lee?
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) no
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) her step sister didnt want Henrietta 2 b successful
Chriz/IBS (5:08 PM) why?
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) But Lee sees the act
Suzanne/IBS (5:08 PM) Hennifer is bad
Suzanne/IBS (5:09 PM) she wants all the attention
Suzanne/IBS (5:09 PM) she was a jealous sis
Chriz/IBS (5:09 PM) attention?
Suzanne/IBS (5:09 PM) Lee sees teh act
Suzanne/IBS (5:09 PM) but it's 2 late
Chriz/IBS (5:09 PM) so is she gonna dance for the item number?
Suzanne/IBS (5:09 PM) Henrietta is on the road
Chriz/IBS (5:09 PM) ok
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) and Henrietta stands up looks to her right and left
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) darts here and there
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) here and there
Chriz/IBS (5:10 PM) here and there
Chriz/IBS (5:10 PM) am also getting involved in this climax
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) and finally 2 the surprise of the onlookers
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) she reaches the end of the road
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) road
Suzanne/IBS (5:10 PM) the other side
Chriz/IBS (5:10 PM) just like siddarth in the movie Boys
Suzanne/IBS (5:11 PM) chariots of fire bkgd music now
Suzanne/IBS (5:11 PM) she turns round 2 look back in slow motion
Chriz/IBS (5:11 PM) motion? that too slow? constipation?
Suzanne/IBS (5:11 PM) nooo
Chriz/IBS (5:11 PM) due to rigourous exercis?
Suzanne/IBS (5:11 PM) slow motion
Chriz/IBS (5:12 PM) oh.. you meant slow action replay
Chriz/IBS (5:12 PM) ok now this innocent mind of mine is getting aligned with your story
Suzanne/IBS (5:12 PM) k
Suzanne/IBS (5:13 PM) and her Spanish step sister is shocked
Suzanne/IBS (5:13 PM) she screams in disgust
Chriz/IBS (5:13 PM) finish the story fast
Chriz/IBS (5:13 PM) did she eat baked beans?
Suzanne/IBS (5:13 PM) her mama comes and slaps her silly
Suzanne/IBS (5:13 PM) NOOO
Suzanne/IBS (5:14 PM) Henrietta gets awards for her brave act
Chriz/IBS (5:14 PM) from whom?
Suzanne/IBS (5:14 PM) everybody congratulates her
Suzanne/IBS (5:14 PM) from the French president
Chriz/IBS (5:14 PM) the director gets all the tomatoes!
Suzanne/IBS (5:14 PM) and Roos Lee walks 2wards her at the award ceremony
Chriz/IBS (5:14 PM) who is the french president? some pervez musharaff?
Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) nope
Chriz/IBS (5:15 PM) valdimir putin?
Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) Cock Sie Donaldo
Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) Roos Lee goes 2wards her
Chriz/IBS (5:15 PM) now the censor board will come into play
Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) and says I always knew u wud fulfill ur dream Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) and he just walks away
Chriz/IBS (5:15 PM) how come he knew?
Suzanne/IBS (5:15 PM) without telling her anything
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) he is just saying that to get herattention
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) and she just looks at him go with sad eyes
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) Her attention**
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) THE END
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) :-)
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) chariots of fire music while showing the titles
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) well i have two blog posts ready now.
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) thank you very much
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) god bless me
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) and may devil kiss you
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) yea really
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) NO
Chriz/IBS (5:16 PM) get back to your work
Suzanne/IBS (5:16 PM) i dont want neone kissing me
Chriz/IBS (5:17 PM) lucky devil then!!!