Monday, November 26, 2007

87. I want a G-string

For those who started reading this post after getting a little curious with the Blog title,I would assure you that this post is not gonna feed your perverted thoughts.

I have a spanish nylon acoustic guitar.As it is the christmas season, I started strumming it to keep myself going with the festive season performances. Unfortunately, during one of the practise sessions, the third string of the guitar succumbed to my not-so-gentle strumming. With only few days left for the stage performance, I desperately needed the string replaced.

Now a little bit of information about the physical attributes of the guitar. The common acoustic guitar has six strings. Each string has a name of its own. They get the different names from the different notes they produce. The six strings have the names E,B,G,D,A,E respectively.

The third string,"G" was not found in any of the musical shops. It is really hard to find replacement for nylon strings at my place.After one whole day of hunting for the third string, I was still unsuccessul. Finally I thought of calling up a shop in Chennai and place an order for the third string. I soon got the number of the shop and dialled the number.A lovely voice answered my call with the most sweetest Hello, I heard in my whole life. I said," Can I have a G-string?". She banged the telephone. I called her again and asked the same question again in an even more gentle tone. She threatened me that she would call the cops if I called again. I am so dejected now.

Can anyone give me a G-string?



  1. Awww my gaaawwwd! My jaw dropped reading that title!

  2. WTF your titles are clearly "miss leading". and you could have asked told the dales gal that "i dont want your G-Strings and its not for me but for my guitar!!"

  3. LOL. you bum. =P

    actually somebody called me a G-string once. :| but i was very yinnocent back then and i asked for its meaning. :D

  4. hahah..she must have been really shocked!!

  5. @usha

    close your mouth..


    wtf= world tourism forum?
    btw what are you saying?

  6. @gaya3

    you know the meaning now? what is it?

    @ gitu


  7. @may

    leave him alone.. poor he..

  8. er..watsa G-srting?< i am innocent > :P


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