Last night,Me and my friend were looking into the dark sky. A few stars were twinkling weakly as clouds covered them only to announce the arrival of a drizzle. It was nine o clock in the evening, we were at our balcony,Chriz and Andy,two souls trying to deduce the mystery behind the cosmos.We could see the moon wandering companionless, everchanging, vaxing & receding.
Suddenly he pointed out his finger & said to me "Chrissy , look there do u see a star.
Me-Which one?
Andy-The bright one , over there
Me -What about it?
Andy-Shhhh! man , look carefully.

I strained my eyes..I could still hear the sound of the bikes zooming across the road& I also tasted dust in my lips.Without removing his pointed index finger he said "See that planet & see that house , yes over there.If you look clearly you can see two people sitting in their balcony and see, they are pointing their fingers at us & telling "See those two idiots pointing their fingers at us."

I thought about it for the next two hours..... The more I think about it now, the more I want to gaze at the sky . I am Waiting for tonight