Wednesday, November 14, 2007

82. Sky watching

Last night,Me and my friend were looking into the dark sky. A few stars were twinkling weakly as clouds covered them only to announce the arrival of a drizzle. It was nine o clock in the evening, we were at our balcony,Chriz and Andy,two souls trying to deduce the mystery behind the cosmos.We could see the moon wandering companionless, everchanging, vaxing & receding.
Suddenly he pointed out his finger & said to me "Chrissy , look there do u see a star.
Me-Which one?
Andy-The bright one , over there
Me -What about it?
Andy-Shhhh! man , look carefully.

I strained my eyes..I could still hear the sound of the bikes zooming across the road& I also tasted dust in my lips.Without removing his pointed index finger he said "See that planet & see that house , yes over there.If you look clearly you can see two people sitting in their balcony and see, they are pointing their fingers at us & telling "See those two idiots pointing their fingers at us."

I thought about it for the next two hours..... The more I think about it now, the more I want to gaze at the sky . I am Waiting for tonight



  1. Din't u see the girl standing just beside ? Chriz, you should work on your sky-gazing skills !!

  2. haha.. freaky!

    there surely must be life in outerspace no..?

  3. your friend calls you chrissy??

  4. So you had "Out Of the World" experience. Didn't you see their green antenna waving at you? Oh C'mon!

  5. @sandy
    no. i did not. cha. missed her

    join me tonyte in the sky gazing expo

  6. @ gitu

    sometimes.. does it rhyme well with sissy?

    @ joy

    i saw some antenna.. but it was not green in color. It was dark..

  7. Ho dude.. u missed the cuties. They are women from Venus as John says in his book... you shd hv appeased them.

    Men are from mars and women are from venus.

  8. it cud hv been just me flying ard being pissed off LOL!


  9. all the very best:)may you find something soon!

  10. @cm-chap.
    next time i would be very careful. bad that i missed them this time

  11. @keshy
    angry at whom?
    i found something last night. would add it as a post soon


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