Monday, November 05, 2007

78 Wanna make fraansheep?

These days,Social networking sites are crowding the net space and we have no time to breathe. I get invitations from various social networking sites these days. The pathetic situation is that 90% of these friendship requests come from human beings of my gender.For all such maniacs, please give me a break. I am very clear about my orientation.
I spent the whole of 2004 in a social networking site called hi5. I made fraands and fraandhseeps with guys, girls and even eunuchs across the globe. It was fun then . But soon I got fed up with Hi5,and so in late 2005, I joined orkut. BTW, am completing two years in orkut this month and am planning to celebrate it in a big way. Just leave a congratulatory scrap in my scrap book within the next 24 hours and I will dedicate a post to the to the best scrapper. Do I sound sooo desperate?

Coming back to the topic on me getting fraansheep requests from souls of the same gender, I am just re-assuring the fact that I am very straight ( I might sit with a curved back though). I might even peep into other soul's profiles like a peeping tom. In the rarest of rare cases, I might end up scrapping a stranger too. But that does not mean that generous souls can partake with my orientations.
I just made it sure that I deleted my account from every social networking site, with orkut being the only lucky networking site where I still exist. I really do not know why I am so much addicted to Orkut. I might as well start a social networking site in the future and redefine the terms in the site. For example, orkut popularised the word " Scrap". We often use the term,"scrap" in our day to day life. I would replace the word,"scrap" with the word" kiss". It will rock the next generation for sure. I can send a message to Renus' "Kiss-Book" and proudly say to my friends that I kissed Renu. ( Innocent souls like Sajeeve,Sirpy, Jammy, Honey are requested not to start a networking site of their own. I can imagine the words that might be used by you guys.)I happened to count the social fraansheep sites that are available in the market now.

Given the rate of mass production movement in the west, east, the north and the south which has resulted in an ever-increasing population, i think we can still have another 5 million more social networking sites.Then, we can have so many friends and friendships and so many more fraands and more fraandships!! Wherever you go you have a friend. Who knows? Even Osama might find his way in your friends list.

Go to Jharkhand, you have Rabri's sister as your blind date friend;
Go to Hawaii and you have a beach babe of a friend there.
Go to Sahara desert and you have a Mummified friend there.
Go to Antartica and you have an Eskimo friend in 2nd Igloo street,3rd main Igloo colony.
Go to Somalia,Mangolia,Afganisthan and you have a friend there.
Go to the toilet and you have a friend there too.

I just got a fraand request from a total stranger, with the lines " Wanna make fraandsheep with me?" Trivia: This time , it is a girl.



  1. Yeah.....there are umpteen social networking sites today.Is it necessary?
    Good or bad, is yet to be decided!!

    Social sites apart, i am curious to know what have you done with Trivia's fraand request;))

  2. hmm.... i think i'm making this statement again... "Et Tu chriz".. alayadheengapa :P

  3. u can replace scrap with screw :p

    then u can say you screwed lot of people ,you screwed her etc etc...

    but then it will sound ackward when someone says he/she screwed you

  4. and the pic gives me a diff idea abt ur orientation :p

  5. hey...u look like dinesh karthick yaar.......

    Ve a look at my blogs new look...

  6. iam not in any social networking sites...i find the thing scary...its like walking into one of those nightclubs filled with people, each in various stages of sanity...

    but i did join egroup for the porn

    now i forgot my is so damn unfair

  7. I started with Hi5, have Orkut, Gazzag, WAYN and now Facebook.

    No unknown Fraanships tho!

  8. @ may

    the trivia friend is safe till now as i have not started talking to her yet.

    @ vikky

    what to do? human biological interventions..

  9. @sajeeve

    the picture has nothing to do with the post. wanted to add my friends in my blog. just added them..
    and regarding the screw part, read my blog again.. i already used ur name cos i knew u wud come up with something like this

  10. @praveen

    even i keep wickets like him.. but no one is game to take me in their cricket team. no wonder i resorted to some other forms of cricket.


    wow.. thanx for coming here mate.. do come again regularly

  11. @roger

    me have 50% unknown fraansheeps.. now deleted some 300 fraands from my fraands list and made it to 400 known people

  12. Vignesh: Stop Burning Man....

    Chriz: When I asked who is this? I knew it was you... may be you didn't understand the fun in that.....Phew!!!! I know that you are the Chronic Writer, Mr.X and Chriz the Beam Boy

    BTW I hate all those Social Networking Sites

  13. haha I love that new word fraaaanship!


  14. a nice blog...
    there r many social networking sites coming up... but only orkut have survived in this competition... but everyone get so addicted to it... i still wonder wat drug they use on ppl?

    my parents forced me to quit orkut a year i m waiting for my cat to get over, n i will be back there to rule tat place..
    catch u at orkut soon..
    till then keep rocking n keep blogging


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