Thursday, October 25, 2007

75. Did the Devil win?

I woke up this morning & I was suprised to see GOD & DEVIL sitting on my bed.
God looked graceful, dressed in white as usual, his eyes were reflecting compassion
The Devil was sharply dressed in red strap ons.. Hmmmm!!! Yes.. A SHE devil.. and she had smooth soft hair and a skin that reflected my face.

I said Good morning & expressed my suprise,the conversation went like this

GOD: Very Good morning Son! Get up rise n shine , time to go to the gym
DEVIL: You seem a little tired, you had a late night, get some more sleep, I'll talk to you later (There was a genuine concern in her sweet voice)
GOD: Son ,You wanted a 15 inch bicep,dont you?
ME: YES !!!!!
GOD:Do you think it will happen all by itself,now get up & go for ur work out.It pays rich dividents in the longer run.
DEVIL:Chrissie Baby( The voice was so seductive), you can go to the GYM in the evening or even tomorrow, but dont burn your self..get some sleep, you look tired like a dry bone.
GOD:Smiled (Man How I wish you knew what I meant)

So I decided to say good bye to them & get some sleep & also realized that GOD is getting smarter by the day, coz he knows that If I miss one day , I will not dare miss the gym for another 10 days & he also made the devil think that she won.



  1. you blog so much!!there are so many new posts i dont know where to start reading!!
    well God always wins so stop listening to the devil even if IT has a female voice and wears red and has silky skin!lol..

  2. Ha Ha... Good way of self empathy...

  3. hit the gym, hit the gym..! =) get rock hard pecks.. bwahahahaha.. xD

  4. Why is it that the Devil is always hot-looking...? Elizabeth Hurley in bedazzled, in(ex)cluding...?

  5. if u've even registered at the gym that's beating the devil hollow....i'm nowhere close to it

  6. So u finally succumbed to the DEVIL ??

  7. hullo chriz!
    You seem to be addicted to writing! Your name sez it all :-)
    Good grafix with the header!
    Way to go!!

  8. Wish I had such a nice cute devil but a HE.. !!

  9. @ gitu

    these days the devil is adopting different strategies.. she comes in various colours

    @cm chap





    gym? whats that?

  10. @may

    hehe. dhankgu




    some reason shud be there behind the red one.. we need to find that out

  11. @zee

    no.. me did not do that



    @ sandy

    she was hot.

  12. @destiny of the girl

    hehe.. addicted yes.. but not yet stoned.. still puking and puking

  13. @ gomz

    hehe.. may your wish come true..

  14. ahem..ahem... is thr yet another "live" devlish beauty who goes to d same gym as u do???


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