News from my side

1) Am off to China for a sales pitch. So I would not be updating my blogs for a few days. Hopefully would be writing posts on experiences out there ( Sales presentation experiences)

2) My Niece started crawling.

3) My next dance session is a Hip-Hop dance workshop for two days in Cochin. ( After I return from China). Dates will be announced . Interested souls can approach.

4) I am back in orkut.

5) Filling your tummy with loads of chocolates would make your tummy weak.

6) The neighbour cabin fellow at my work place is eating a lot of potato wafers. I cannot bear the effect.

7) Salman Rushdie mailed me. I do not believe it yet. Do you?

8) Post on Mandira Bedi will soon be posted.

9) Did not watch a movie in the last 48 hours.

10) My wisdom tooth is growing. Does that mean that I would be coming up with Brainy posts in the near future?

11) This whole post is written using my mobile phone. Is this the first sign of the wisdom tooth?