Wednesday, October 24, 2007

74. News update

News from my side

1) Am off to China for a sales pitch. So I would not be updating my blogs for a few days. Hopefully would be writing posts on experiences out there ( Sales presentation experiences)

2) My Niece started crawling.

3) My next dance session is a Hip-Hop dance workshop for two days in Cochin. ( After I return from China). Dates will be announced . Interested souls can approach.

4) I am back in orkut.

5) Filling your tummy with loads of chocolates would make your tummy weak.

6) The neighbour cabin fellow at my work place is eating a lot of potato wafers. I cannot bear the effect.

7) Salman Rushdie mailed me. I do not believe it yet. Do you?

8) Post on Mandira Bedi will soon be posted.

9) Did not watch a movie in the last 48 hours.

10) My wisdom tooth is growing. Does that mean that I would be coming up with Brainy posts in the near future?

11) This whole post is written using my mobile phone. Is this the first sign of the wisdom tooth?



  1. so you off to china. Now i wish to know - how was your Appraisal? good or Bad :) .

    Is there any other place named China. Cos i hear you go to china every month?

  2. I liked all those happening things in your life as listed, excepting point 8 !!

    By the ways, have a great time in chick China !

  3. Congrats on your updates! You have a great time ahead and do share your experience!! Cheers!

  4. @santosh,

    appraisal was sopper cool.. i am my boss's favorite.. hehe.. dunno if there is any other country by the same name

  5. @sandy

    mandiraaaaaa.. no sandy.. leave her alone.. she created an interest towards cricket in me


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