Saturday, October 20, 2007

71. Tears in Heaven

Sitting in the corner,
wondering why these tears fall down my face
why did he die?
He was so full of life
Never causing harm,
but he was in the wrong place
the wrong time
but there isn't alarm.
He kept to himself,
the shadows were his friends
When someting went wrong though he was the first to make amends.
He was full of life Quiet to a fault.
His eyes were alive but now..he's not.
I knew him well why didn't any one see?
See how wonderfull this one man can be?
But no, now they never will. I sit in my corner,
wondering why these tears down my face fall why did he have to die?

Dedicated to my favorite professor in college; The Late Shine.P.Baby sir.



  1. i am sorry for your teacher's demise. may his soul rest in peace

  2. oh that's so sad.....i think teachers live the most fulfilling life....leaving their mark on all...may he rest in peace

  3. it is his second death anniversary.. still remember his classes...

  4. A memoir to your professor.. really touching chriz... wonderful lines written by a great heart... what more to add?

    keep writing..

    you bring laughter and joy
    to an otherwise tired life
    God has gifted you
    with a plain paper and pen full of ink to write :)

    keep writing... cheers to you buddy.


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