Thursday, October 18, 2007

70. I miss You

The past week did not see me in my nutty spirit.A sense of seriousness emanated. I am filled with deep emotional thoughts all through this week... So before I come out of this lull bondage, I would like to present yet another poem of mine... Hope it would touch some souls...

Yeah I wrote this for You
Just sit down and read it.
And nobody told me that it would hurt this much
Why did you run into my life
With that cheap smile and those perfect eyes
Our meaningless realtionship
Your Cries and our fights
Your touch and our kiss
You yelled out I love you
Why can't you see that
Those words meant nothing
You meant nothing to me
But why does it hurt so bad
I hate thinking of you
It bothers me so much
On those nights like this
When you are the only one on my mind
It bothers me so much that I still write for you
Even yearn for you
I threw you away like you where yesterday's news
But nobody told me that it would hurt like this



  1. Hey nice poem why so sad? Have you broken up with someone "Special"? Hope not.

    Its a good poem. it has indeed touched one soul but on the Right side :wink: :wink:. i am still straight!!

  2. Cheap smile and a meaningless relationship ??? really? Then you wouldn't necessarily need to bother !! Hey, nice work by the ways !!

  3. @ santosh
    hehe..i broke with pamela anderson... i am writing it with a third person view.. am still single and my mind is completely in control.. its just the weekend lull

  4. @sandy
    i never bothered.. the worried soul in the poem is the one who should bother.. and thank you for the compliment

  5. Good One!!
    But tell me, would cheap smile and perfect eyes make a combination? Would it go hand it hand?
    Eye generally conveys what's on the lip.Ain't it?

  6. @may

    yes.. thats the point conveyed there.. deceiving smile... post and pre anguish

  7. cheap smile..... ???

    anyway ..... nice 1

  8. wow.. super.. :| i can totally relate to that btw.. :|

    *grabs the chocolate bar again* =(

  9. hi,
    a very nice n painful poem. but chriz u always say my frnd gaya3 , "not to pour out ur emotions- it is a public formum" ; wat so happened tat u had to write this one?
    but i was able to relate to it completely.

  10. hey Chriz ty for stopping by my blog.

    Sad but beautiful poem...hope its not real though. TC!


  11. @anusha

    yes cheap smile... author and the character shud not be misinterpreted as one..

  12. @gaya3...
    chocolate bar? what abt exercises machaan?

  13. @ ritu

    yes .. never pour out your emotions while writing.. hehe.. the person mentioned here is not me..

  14. @sajeeve

    beer doesnt taste good. might go for some shots though

  15. @keshy
    it is real in many a souls' lives

  16. Awesome...It was indeed very touching...It's hard to believe that you wrote it with a thrid person's perspective....I thought you had to feel such things to write it....awesome work :).

  17. @priti
    If we can vibrate between different emotional wavelengths,w e can surely write one without any experience.. thank ya for the comment. do come

  18. Liked everything but the 'cheap smile'! :( I've got a thing for smiles, u know. :(

  19. Tears chriz! Nothing else. And I do not care I am a man!

  20. hello Chronic Writer, its really a nice one.... And when i read the line "Cheap smile and perfect eyes"..... i kind of figured wat type of person you are..... so lovely and a very perfect combination of words is used. The Interpretation that i used here was" Cheap smile -- which was very instant and was always there you dont need to pay to see that....."
    Surely this someone should be worth, as its pains when you miss someone..

    So lovely yar.... and the pic talks more to your Poetry.....its simply great........ my 3rd post.....

  21. Good one chriz...word play is really good...

  22. i can so relate to this rite now... like an old news ignored but he lingers everywhere wanted unwanted

  23. really really good! i totally get it.


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