The past week did not see me in my nutty spirit.A sense of seriousness emanated. I am filled with deep emotional thoughts all through this week... So before I come out of this lull bondage, I would like to present yet another poem of mine... Hope it would touch some souls...

Yeah I wrote this for You
Just sit down and read it.
And nobody told me that it would hurt this much
Why did you run into my life
With that cheap smile and those perfect eyes
Our meaningless realtionship
Your Cries and our fights
Your touch and our kiss
You yelled out I love you
Why can't you see that
Those words meant nothing
You meant nothing to me
But why does it hurt so bad
I hate thinking of you
It bothers me so much
On those nights like this
When you are the only one on my mind
It bothers me so much that I still write for you
Even yearn for you
I threw you away like you where yesterday's news
But nobody told me that it would hurt like this