Tuesday, October 16, 2007

68. Sixty Nine

Dedicated to all my 69 MBA batch mates

Articulating the funny thoughts of mine
That are functioning like that of a swine
I try hard not to drift away with the wine,
But if i don't, i can't be able to dine.
Optimizing my mind as sharp as a pine.
I know its hard to bind as i dont have a twine.
The alcohol has spruned my liver out of line,
But Mr.X says,"hey chriz you are fine";
Because I have friends and they sum-up to 69.

(These are Words that I puked out after Ethanol drowned me in a Jacuzzi.Andy & Pius along with me)

I Recently attended my batchmate,Joseph's wedding. It was indeed a nostalgic moment meeting my old friends. We had a great time.The bride went missing in the photo. If not for Tinu, it would have been an all Boys snap. Me on the extreme left.Miss you guys.



  1. Hi maams...
    Thanx for blogrolling....
    Which widget isnt working ya???

  2. super poem chris.. *whistles and claps* =)

    i cant write rhyming poetry for nuts, hence pure undiluted respect for people who actually can..

  3. Are you sure you puked out only words and nothing additional...? Say lunch or anything...?

  4. hey praveen:

    itws working now maamu

  5. @gaya3:
    thats a rhyme.. alcohol's trick on me..i just added it cos it sinked with my 69th post

  6. @sirpy:

    oru full half boil and lots of consorted colourful side dishes too..

  7. i dint knw u even write poetry?
    a great one indeed....
    n in d snap u have mentioned ur position(position implies only d place u r standing... if ur brain is thinking of anything else...tat's not right) but i was wondering " where is d bridegroom in d snap"?
    not able to identify the bridegroom is not my fault... u all have dressed up so well as if it was ur wedding...
    if u mention where d bridegroom is in d snap, he will be greatful of u.

  8. mr/miss anonymous;
    you sure would have a name. and regarding the doubt you have about the POSITION part,you can consult a POSITION specialist. i am innocent by the way...

    and btw the bride is missing.. the groom is still there.. the one in black armani..


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