Tuesday, October 16, 2007

67. Two more pictures from 20-20

1) Why India won the Cricket 20-20 world cup?

Jogindher was bowling the last over of the match against pakistan in the 20-20 world cup.
The first ball was a wide.
The next ball went for a six.
Then before the next ball was bowled, a Pakistani spectator did the biggest mistake of his life by displaying this poster.

Indians won the 20-20.

2) See saa and Hayden

In the 20-20 worldcup Hayden was unfortunate to get out to the spoilt-kid seesaw. We all would remember what Seesaa did after Hayden got out. He ran down through the pitch, sat down in front of the stumps and scratched the ground ( A similar gesture that my pet dog bubbly does to cover up his metabolic output). In the picture below, all you have to do is identify Hayden and our one and only seesaw.



  1. That was a rare photo. But not a rare statement.
    It seems during the kargil war They wanted madhuro Dixit and they got something really hot. and it was not madhuri.

    See saa is kid and sometimes kids do get to show their talent :)

  2. Cute dogs in the second pic!Your pets?

  3. santosh:

    madhuri dixit.. oooh.. she was my childhood dream girl

  4. may:

    after listening to the full puraanam, do not tell me that Ram is sita's rakhi brother

  5. wont australians demand somebody too n give d match to indians :(

  6. @ vignesh

    they might ask for mandira.. But i will kill them if they do so

  7. i'm not a huge sania fan.. i think she's a stuck up snob.. hrmph..

    OR maybe i'm just jealous.. hmmm.. :|

  8. People, get over with 20-20 ! Hw abt discussing India-Aus series now ?

  9. @gaya3

    i don like her game too.. but she has got power..


    i used to get first rank in academics when i was in class one.. but i used to flunk in exams when i was in class six... i still talk about my class one glory.. i never open my mouth about my shortcomings...

  10. Gud one :-).

    Sania Mirza was watching the 2nd Indo Pak ODI from the stadium.
    Mmm...now i get the connection ;-)

    @ chriz.
    'i used to get first rank in academics when i was in class one'
    - Really???? ;-)


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