Friday, October 05, 2007

64. Internet cheats

How many times will I be cheated?

1) The first case is that of Neo counter.

It tells you how many people from across the globe has visited your blog. I was very happy when the number of people increased multifold. But then one day when I took a closer look at the contents of the counter, I found out that I am being fooled big time

If Asia pacific Region is a country, then what about South Korea and India. Where Do they fall in?

My geography teacher taught me that Europe is a continent. Now I have second thoughts after seeing the counter.

2) Bagira wants me it seems

Hi there
Where have you gone? Do u remember me? Hope u remember me:) glad to see me ?:)
How are things going? I am still single and vacations have gone.. all of my friends are happy with their boyfriends and I am alone. Though we might get to know each other better and perhaps this summer was the last lonely summer for us? I have registered my profile here(The link is removed because I am not promoting any sort of porn activity through my Blog) . Why don't you come and see my new photos? And maybe even contact me ..
Need you ;)


3) I am promoted from Business Consultant post to Consultant Business post in the e-Consultant group where my credits are utilised.
Can anyone tell me What difference it makes?

- Chronicwriter


  1. 1. Use google analytics.
    that's much better..

    2. I have cheated by a guy..

    3. well in past your designation read B.C. and now it reads C.B. That has got more value.

  2. Well that's ;ife. My blog counter says 900 visitors I know its a lot of hot air, but it is a motivator, so I let it be.

    Since the past three days no less than 4 sexy women (from their profile pics) from South American countries have asked to be my friend on orkut.Wonder if people are really so jobless. If you wondered, I decline all unknown requests.

    Point to ponder:
    BC : read as business consultant or consultant of business
    CB : consultant business, or a business of consulting. Think it sounds better

  3. if the counter doesn't know the exact country, but knows the continet or general area, that's what shows up.

  4. ya, your salary is now in reverse digits... [:P]

  5. @santosh

    thank you bos.. wud try that


    roles are same anyways.. :))


    thank you.. now i know the answer


    if the first and last digit of the salary are same and the remaining digits are zero, does that make a difference? thank you for hopping here

  6. There are shit loads of Bagiras in the virtual world.. Just click on the tab "Ignore User".. And dont ponder over it..

    And earlier you were consulting the business, now the business is consulting you.. THAT is the difference.. =D

    And i suck at geography, i cant differenciate an island from a country.. So no comments on that one..

  7. @ GAYU

    bagira is a poor lady.. i found it out when i clicked the link.. she has only less clothes to wear.. in some snaps, she dint even have any clothes.. my heart is filled with burden..


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