Friday, September 28, 2007

60. Tech-a-break

True Incident that happened in Feb 2007.

Dedicated to my Dance team.

Tech- a-break is the annual cultural festival for technopark employees of Trivandrum. There are around 70 I.T. firms in technopark. All the firms compete with each other in a week long cultural competition that includes dance,music,stage play,carnival and loads and loads of extempore events. I work for a firm called IBS. IBS is the world leader in Airline solutions. IBS were the proud overall winners of all the tech-a-break events that has happened over the years.

This post is dedicated to the dance team of IBS. Though IBS were the overall winners in all the tech-a-break events, they were never able to win the dance competition. The dance competition was usually a cake walk for the Alliance Cornhill dance team and the Infosys dance gang. One week prior to the dance competition, I got a mail from the HR team.I was told to form a dance team for the competition. I was in a fix because I was just ten months old in the firm and this was my first tech-a break. By evening, I had ten people with me.

Standing (Left to Right) :

Vivek, Sachin,Deepak,Rony,Me

Sitting (Left to Right) :


We zeroed down our many options to one dance form," Bhangra". We practised after our work hours and our sessions went till midnight. It was fun. We did 50 sit-ups every day, and that made our hamstrings swell up big time. We practised for 7 days. The D-day arrived and we knew that we had a great chance this time because of the creative formations that we had.

Our dance never had any song. It simply had Bhangra beats in the background. The dance was for 8 minutes. We performed well; our formations were picture perfect.One of the formations involved Nidhin to stand on my tummy, with me lying in mid air; supported by the legs of the remaining four guys.. During our practise sessions, this particular formation never came out well because instead of standing on my tummy, she always gave me nightmares about my future. But on stage the Tummy cruncher came out well too. I had a sigh of relief.We also had other formations viz helecop,parachute,snake,wind mill and a few hardcore Bhangra formations.

Finally when we had our last formation, the three layered pyramid, we knew who the winner was.

This is a story of ten IT people who are not professional dancers.
I often receive forwarded mails with quotes that say that " Hardwork pays".
I understood the whole meaning of it with my Bhangra family.
Love you guys. I am proud of you all.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

59.Missed opportunities

I never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity - Abba Eban

1) I missed the final over of the 20-20 world cup finals between India and Pakistan.

2) When all my classmates in college had a girlfriend, I was busy reading the book, "little Johnny jokes"

3) When a tourist approached me with a digi-cam, I posed for the snap;only to realise that he actually wanted me to take a picture of him

4) I ate a live star fish when I was in China. Should I mention about the monkey brains too?

5) Me and Sachin Tendulkar have one thing in common. We stands 165 cms tall(or should I call it short). If only I had played for that School cricket then, I might have been on that van which went for a 30 km drive in Mumbai.

6) The Group Instrumental music performance; in which I played the Guitar never happened on stage, because we took 15 minutes to set the music instruments on stage for a 5 minute performance.

7) Renu got married on my birthday. ( I wanted to have an emotional end to this post)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

58. It is a funny life

This past week, I had a few weird learning experiences. I just wanna share it with everyone.

1) Do not use the mobile phone while taking a bath. Chances are that your mobile phone might end up in the water bowl and the soap might end up in your ear.

2) Do not use ear buds on your ears while seated in the back seat of your car and especially when you have someone driving the car like ronaldo's nanny.
3) Do not talk on the phone while eating out. You might poke your nose with the fork.

4) Never scare a small kid in a shopping mall by showing funny faces. The kid might spit on your face.

5) Never give missed calls to your newly-married friend. His wife might call you back and give a five minute decent speech to you.

6) While inviting your friends for a tea break through"group chat" intranet chat facility, please see to that the word PANTRY is not mis-spelt.

7) Bitings dogs never Bark.

8) When you are in the loo, make sure that you latch your door knob properly. Your room mate might have the shock of his life.

9) If an actress accidently happens to be your travelmate, she will surely have a Sidney Sheldon Book in her hand. She will have the amazing capability to jump from page 44 to 163 in just 5 minutes. She will also keep on scratching her head. Yuk. It is not a dream come true to have an actress as your travelmate.

10) When you decide to quit orkut for ever, you will receive three testimonials and fourteen friendship requests.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

57. Tribute to my favourite Singer

I sing tenor in my church Choir. I consider myself lucky to reach the high G. But when ever I see my favourite singer reach the higher C (Three full notes higher than G) , I experience Goosebumps. A week back he passed away due to cancer.

This post is a tribute for the most celebrated Tenor of this century," Luciano Pavarotti ". He mesmerised packed audience with his powerful voice. ''Nessun Dorma'' was Pavarotti's last performance, sung at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, in February 2006.

There won't be anymore three tenors. The smile, the vibrations produced by Pavarotti,Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras would never be seen again.His thick black beard and the smart tuxedo that very finely wraps his pot belly are visions that would last forever among his fans.
The nine consecutive high Cs he reached in a stage performance with the three tenors left him bleeding.Such a performance could never be seen ever. Though there were professional jealousy between the three tenors, pavarotti always compared him with himself.

Pavarotti liked to mingle with pop stars in his series of charity concerts, ''Pavarotti & Friends,'' held annually in Modena. He performed with artists as varied as Ricky Martin, James Brown and the Spice Girls. The performances raised some eyebrows but he always shrugged off the criticism. Some say the ''word pop is a derogatory word to say 'not important' - I do not accept that,'' Pavarotti said in a 2004 interview with the AP. ''If the word classic is the word to say 'boring,' I do not accept. There is good and bad music.''

I love tenor now, more than ever.

- Chronicwriter

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

56. Why me?

I really do not know why they want to meet me.
Do you have any idea?
Click on the picture to get a better view.

55. Mathematical genieass

There are three types of people in this world

One type can count and the other type cannot count.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

54.Talent vs Intelligence

Talent: Talent is like a camel coat. If you do not wear it; you do not lose anything. But if you wear it, you look good

Intelligence: Intelligence is like an underwear.It is important you wear it; but not necessary that you show it


Friday, September 14, 2007

53.Tag of war

Nobody tagged me. But i saw this in some Blog when I was blog hunting. I liked the set of questions. So I thought of answering the set of questions as well as tagging a few people.
Here I go.
1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
The scar on my Right leg. I do not have a tendon. A titanium string has replaced it. Dancing in the bathroom is really dangerous.God is Gracious that I am able to walk again without any limp. God is amazingly merciful that I am able to run faster. Clocked 12 seconds in 100 m dash. So what’s the big deal? Just 2.26 secs shy of Asafa Powel. Still I have not explained about the incident. Let that be a secret
2.What does your phone look like?

3. What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Ants doing their ramp walk all the time. I have a Michael Jordan poster that also has his hall of fame speech.
4. What is your current desktop picture?

Jolena! My God child. She is four months old.
5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
Am not that type. But I believe in happy marriages. So if you can be gay in marriage, why not?
6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Play loud music and dance to it. But my colleagues would not appreciate it.
7 . What time were you born?
12 o clock – as recorded in my dad’s old HMT watch.
8. Are your parents still together?
Yup. Dunno if my kid would answer the same way when he gets tagged with this.
9. Last person who made you cry?
Renu. Check my earlier posts.
10. What is your favorite perfume / cologne?
TH- youth.
But the fellow who sits in the adjacent cabin farts like a hippo. All my perfume goes down the drain because of that fart machine. I have to find a cork to shut him up.
11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Any natural colour. Black soft hair with brown eyes. Or a Salma Hayek look alike would make me turn around and ogle.
12. What are you listening to?
Thank you Lord- Paul Baloche
13. Do you get scared of the dark?
No. Not at all. When ever it gets dark, I switch on the light. When ever there is a power cut and if I don’t have any other light inducing sources, I close my eyes tightly and go to my bed and sleep.
14. Do you like pain killers?
I was on pain killers for more than a year when I had the tendon problem with my leg. I like them when I am in pain.
15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
I am not shy and hence no one comes out with me when I ask them out. I have to be shy from next time onwards.
16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?.
17. Who was the last person you made you mad?
Café coffee day fellow

Me : Do you have litchi frappe
He : No. Sir..
Me : Do you have Litchi cold tea
He: No sir
Me: Do you have litchi colada
He: No sir
Me : Do you have litchi syrup at least so that you can mix it with blue or some crushed drink
He: No sir
Me: #@$$%%%
It was a bad scene after that.

18. Who was the last person who made you smile?
*The small puppy dog that ran behind my car this morning.
*My nephew Jeremy; when he called me “Hello maama” over the phone.
*When ever I see my desktop picture
*Sajeeve’s Blog on his clothes.

I tag Santosh,Anand,Bhuvana,Gitu,Usha,Pravin,Gayatri,Gomathy,Honey,Jammy,Kirthi,Arshat,Nikky,Vikky,Roger,Sandhya, Anju,Divya, Sajeeve and Emi


Thursday, September 13, 2007

52. Mood Swing

I called my friend last night and she told that she wanted to be alone because she was having a bad mood swing. I pondered and pondered on what a mood swing would look like. I have never had one in my entire history. First thing I did in the morning; after I reached office was an exhaustive check in the net to understand what a mood swing was?

I never found the answer though. But somewhere in some part of the web I read a sentence that read that mood swings can be generated naturally and artificially. As the natural generation of a mood swing never occurred with me, I thought of generating it artificially.

Introducing to all ladies, gentlemen and OTHERS; who read my blog- “MY very own mood swing”-artificially created exclusively for your own benefit. For creating a Mood swing, the basic ingredient is the availability of a mood. My mind is void of any mood. So to create a mood, I needed a causal factor which would imply some mood on me.

So I started to search for a causal factor that would force me to have a Mood. But according the Law of conservation of Mood- A mood can neither be created nor destroyed; but it can be transformed from one form to the other. This law shattered my dreams of searching for a factor. Talking about dreams, I have not found the answer to the dream that is haunting me for quite a while. In fact not only dreams haunt me. Even mosquitoes and little kids petrify me too. As I have opened the topic on mosquitoes, I would like to place an open question in front of every one. Does a mosquito fart? I have tried to explore this big question and in the process ended up finding the gender of one of the mosquitoes which came under my scrutiny.

BTW all the mosquitoes that bite are the male of the species. And talking about biting, my great granny cannot bite an apple because she does not have any teeth. If only Eve had the same problem that my granny has, she would not have eaten the forbidden fruit.

When it comes to fruits, am crazy about litchis. Any coffee joint I head to, my order would have litchi in some format or the other, litchi syrup, litchi powder, litchi colada/frappe and last week the café coffee day guys had to literally shove me out because of the fuss I created there because they did not have litchi in any format. No one was around. So I did not mind. But to mind, one should have a mind in the first place. BTW, why did I start writing this? Is this what they call as mood swing?


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

51.The ice breaker

Hectic weekend finally got over. After years of dreaming, I finally performed salsa on stage. It was a lovely experience. Will add the photos soon. We had the annual day celebrations in my firm last saturday and I am talking about it. Had major fun after a long time. The child within each and every one in the firm was in full display during the celebrations.

Prior to the D-day celebrations we had a month long competition intra-firm. The whole Office was divided into four houses and we competed for online, indoor and outdoor games. Me too hopped in and helped my house in the online games and indoor games. But kept myself safe from the outdoor games which included games like volleyball,football and tug of war. In the latter three games, i resorted to the easiest thing I am capable of doing, " compering"... It was great fun indeed to pass comments on senior project managers, general managers and even the VP.. No wonder someone once said that the microphone is mightier than the sword.

Am gonna pen down(rather type down) one incident that made me call the police

Beenu(my colleague- The first letter in the name is changed), happened to be the leader of one of the houses. She came to me and in a cribbing tone said," hey chriz .. please do me a favour".. Being the guy who does not fall for unnecessary emotions, i looked at her with a stern face and said " Look Beenu; I am very busy with this Webex. Can I talk to you later?"...

But Neenu; Sorry, Beenu; was not the one who would give up easily. She came closer to me, looked into my eyes and said," chriz, my team is playing in the campus grounds.I am a part of the throw ball team and I need to be there now". My heart was as cold as an Ice and I knew that it would not melt that easily.So I raised my right eyebrow and looked at her very sternly and increased the bass effect in my tone and said,"Look Beenu, This is a 20 million dollar contract and I can't miss it"..
I saw the hope in Beenu's face vanish like the hair in Syed Kirmani's head.But before I could react she came into my cabin and went behind me and caught me red handed, using orkut, and the stern look on my face went away without a trace and the next minute, Beenu and me were in my car.

I was made the driver yet again. What happened to my ice cold stern heart? " She must have been the ice breaker", i thought to myself. After a five minute drive, we were in the campus grounds. I turned around and took a glance at Beenu. She was clad in Track-attire and puma shoes and she was all set to play. I locked the car and followed her to the grounds. The match did not start. I was happy that I was able to drop Beenu on time.

Soon the match started and the girls took the court. But I could not see Beenu in the court at all.I looked around and saw her sitting in the bench.She was a substitute, it seems.

With a dejected heart I came back to my cabin and when I logged in, i found some stinker mails in my inbox. It was not new anyways. I was terribly cross with Beenu that I wanted to lodge a complaint against her. I immediately dialled 001 instead of 100; and when I realised that I had done a great mistake, I hung the phone. BTW, if we dial 001, would a police jeep come in reverse gear?

Friday, September 07, 2007

50. Why am I here?

I have finally reached 50 posts.
In three months time.
I was told that it is a very good striking rate.

Last two weeks, I am tied up with too much of work that I could not devote my time for my Blog.I will come up with my long mails and would add my funny tinch to it in the upcoming posts. This whole week went in salsa classes and Jugalbandi performances.

I know that the post on Mandira Bedi is still pending. BTW, Renu delivered a baby girl day before yesterday. I cried for fifteen minutes, but then when the picture of her Hubby (he stands 6 feet 5 inches tall; a clear one foot taller than me) came across my eyes, I stopped crying. That is when Mr.X (my alter ego) reminded me that I used to be a Rogue when I was in kindergarden.

22 years back (Flash Back)

Venue: LKG . Section A

Ma'm: I have 4 apples. How can I divide it among five children?

Me: Kill one child

(Flash back over)

But still the six foot 5 inch frame still intimidated me.


Monday, September 03, 2007

49. Greatest ever Love story

Once a boy proposed a girl.
She said,"No"...
And the boy lived happily ever after...