Thursday, August 24, 2006

45. The mark, I left on IIT

Those were the days....
This is a true incident. Funny for a few, and a tragedy for one person.College was almost over.Me and my classmates were having a vale of a time with a marathon Booze party and as a result, all of us were competely stoned. A big gang of 74 guys were packed in one small room and we were kicking donkeys out of each other when this incident happened.

With hip hop music being played in the background, my friend,"Roshan" asked me to perform a one hand stand coupled with a head spin. Another friend of mine, Midhun( we call him IIT) incidently happened to have the best toned body in our batch. So when he knew that Roshan was about to shoot a video,IIT started flexing his muscles.Call it bad luck or tragedy,a bunch of my sloshed friends,pushed IIT and he lost his balance.

With Ethanol playing its trick on me, I tried to execute the one hand stand at that very moment IIT lost his balance.I could not perform a perfect one hand stand cos the shots shot me down and hence my leg dangled like an arch and it ended up in IIT's eye sockets. IIT still has a mark under his eye, even after two years.

Watch the incident here.



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