For the last three weeks I am experiencing the same dream everynight. As soon as I hit my bed, I have this great talent of embracing deep sleep. As soon as I sleep, my dream starts. My dream follows a typical pattern and I am so used to it now, that I can visualise the dream even when I am awake
My Dream
My dream is not a colourful dream. Everything is in black and white with occasional grey shades. In my dream I find myself sitting inside the goal-post of a soccer field. I sit there for a long time till a ball from no where finds its way from the stands and hits my head. I fallback inside the goalpost and the next moment, I find myself running the length and breadth of the field for the next fortyfive minutes. Then I take my position inside the goalpost till a ball bangs my head again..

I am experiencing this dream for the past three weeks... Guys out there... Do you have any clue what my dream is all about?