Sunday, August 20, 2006

43. Anyone to crack my Dream?

For the last three weeks I am experiencing the same dream everynight. As soon as I hit my bed, I have this great talent of embracing deep sleep. As soon as I sleep, my dream starts. My dream follows a typical pattern and I am so used to it now, that I can visualise the dream even when I am awake
My Dream
My dream is not a colourful dream. Everything is in black and white with occasional grey shades. In my dream I find myself sitting inside the goal-post of a soccer field. I sit there for a long time till a ball from no where finds its way from the stands and hits my head. I fallback inside the goalpost and the next moment, I find myself running the length and breadth of the field for the next fortyfive minutes. Then I take my position inside the goalpost till a ball bangs my head again..

I am experiencing this dream for the past three weeks... Guys out there... Do you have any clue what my dream is all about?



  1. Are u sure u've been dreaming this for THREE weeks ? Isn't it really after you saw Chak De ?

  2. hmmmm.. i wud love to comment on this 1 but im not doin it... i just erased watever i jut wrote.. :D...

  3. its scientifically proved that dreams r always in b&w... i never remember...
    n after reading ur post wot comes to mind is a old joke
    "I was trying to figure out what was speeding towards me and then it hit me"

  4. The only time I had a recurring dream such as that (as in the same action over and over again) is when I am under tremendous stress or am sick. Are you under stress?

  5. By any chance did you wish to be Ronaldo?!?(not for playing ofcourse..)

  6. Hi--here from Diya.There are many sites that interpret dreams..But the best way to do it is yourself--as different things have different symbolism for different people.
    I dont agree with vigneswarulu--I ALWAYS dream in colour.In fact, some of my paintings (yes I paint ) are images from my dreams.

    To be it seems like a message that your sunconscious mind is giving you--asking you to be alert about something in your life.Maybe you are deperately chasing something and its eluding you?

  7. ur dream shows something related to what u was thinking just before sleeping or something thats bothering u since evening till bed time.. and its recurring as u might be undergoing same treatment since few days.. or something which is running in ur unconscious brain which suddenly become strong when ur own thinking system goes weak while sleeping.. well some part of this theory is my own assumption.. and in depth knowledge is needed to have a clear picture evolving out of this complex its debatable..

    P.S.:- Movies don't interests me much specially when it is in English.. so no comments over those review.. :)

  8. oops.. in depth knowledge in "human psychology and dream behavior"

  9. may be its high time u went to watch a soccer game :D

  10. Dream is a wonderful thing which has no colors to it.

    ~ MIR

  11. @sandy
    i saw chakde two days back and I stopped having the dreams. Now my dream is of me inside a hockey field.

    aashmaan bhavaha

  12. @vikky
    which scientist proved it?

    I am under a mess . but i am not under stress

  13. @ mahatma
    every dog has a day

  14. @ gomz
    which ronaldo?
    banana boy of brazil or sleek steak from portugal?

  15. @ diya
    AM I DESPERATE? HEHE.. will check your blog soon.. paintings too.. thank you for coming here

  16. @ anand
    you speak like my ethics professor.
    @diya dear
    thank you dear

  17. @ rajesh
    how many days.. oops .. nights?

  18. mir
    thank you for coming.,. you got a good blog.. a different concept...

  19. ha ha ha.. most of the time i don't go by ethics as such.. :P


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