Wednesday, August 02, 2006

34. Learning with Experience

Reader discretion/excretion is not needed for reading this post.

When I was in class two, a family planning advertisement appeared every now and then in Doordarshan. Two people (male and a female) would walk with an umbrella in the rain with the famous music “pyar hua ikraar hua hai…” being played in the background. I associated rain with that popular song. So when ever it rained, I used to take the umbrella and use to go out and sing the song. My neighbouring kids also used to join me in the singing sessions as the song was very popular among the masses. I finally stopped singing the song when my science teacher slapped me when I suggested singing this song for the group singing competition in school. I never knew why I was slapped till I entered class 8. I was so innocent then.



  1. I am planning to tell about it in the toast I am going make for his daughter’s wedding. His daughter is getting married next month and I am the MC for the reception.
    Will like to see the face of your uncle after you made the annoucment

    “No! I do not wet my bed in my sleep”.
    you could have written yes i do!!

  2. loved ur thots n writin on de child makin process... made great readin especially de part where u ended up puking!!!! ;D

  3. hahahahaha! awesome post!!!

  4. I think a lot of people have the same thinking as you did with #2. I used to think sex=literally sleeping together in the same bed when I was that's how I heard it descriped in books and tv.

  5. i miss surabhi and oshin and byomkesh bhakshi
    i wonder if DVDs are available..

  6. @santosh

    hehe. probably his daughter might change her views on me.

    @ dhanya

    hehe! kuttaaa.. i ended up puking cos i was not well.. it had nothing to do with any child making process

  7. @zee
    your whole class comments on your blog? thats cool! and do come in regularly. will keep on trying to post funny posts

  8. @ mazhalai..
    i just love your posts.. they depict how much you are attached to your family.. and do come here regularly..

  9. @ mommyof2

    do you know that you were the first one to comment on my previous blog? glad to see you here. do hop down regularly

  10. Loved this post...enjoyed till the end..
    But isnt HUNK a bit too much :D

  11. Hmmmm what do I say? Let me finish laughing first

  12. @gomz

    hunk!!! atleast can't i dream like that?

  13. @roger

    glad to see such comments..

  14. No wonder your blog has got PG!!!

    Well thanks for bringing in memories of Surabhi and Oshi.. They were my faves tooo

  15. oshin is my all time favorite. i just adore that babe.. would soon post an article about oshin

  16. oh I remember Oshin, used to really really love that show... wonder why they don't make such good stuff these days. And the teacher throwing up bit was funny, in fact everythin was funny.

  17. couldnt control laughing Criz...

  18. Wow...too good ! I used to love Surabhi, too ! But this part should have been out of this post on your reminiscence of getting sex-educated !

  19. @ sandy
    that is just a beauty spot

  20. @ anonymous..
    thank you. you could specify your name too

  21. I used to renuka shahane painted her teeth white like what Ross did !!!!

    u remember

    Monica: What happened to your teeth?

    Ross: I whitened them.

    Chandler: Really?

    Ross: Yeah, what... what do you think?

    Monica: Well, uh, I think I shouldn't look directly at them.

    Ross: Come on, seriously.

    Monica: Ross, they're really, really, really white!

    Chandler: Yeah, what was wrong with your old... human teeth?

    Ross: Well, I did leave the gel on a little longer than it said to.

    Monica: How much longer?
    Ross: Uh, uh.... a day.

    Monica: Ross, you know that tonight is your date with Hillary?

    Ross: I know! That's why I did it! Come on, are they really that bad?

    Chandler: No. No, no, no, you'll be fine. Hilary's blind, right?

    Monica: She will be after tonight.

  22. chris is a hunk is hillarious :p

  23. lies...lies...n still more lies... hmmm....

  24. @ mahatma...

    every one loved friends.. i never liked it .. but now got the whole div x collection.. have to watch it... and abt the hunk part, hehe..

  25. @vikky

    politicsla sagajamappaa

  26. No, Chizzzy, I do not doubt u. In fact, am very sure that u r the one hu wrote that! hehe! ;>

    U had a crush on Renuka Shahane? How bout Renu?! U forgot bout her! Boo-hoo-hoo!

    I loved Surabhi and Byomkesh Bakshi!

    My first thoughts wen I hear "pyar hua ikraar hua hai" are of Deluxe Nirodh, even today! hahahaha!


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